Mammoth Lakes is known for being one of the best places for fishing trips in the west. With its gorgeous scenery, crystal clear water, you’ll never want to leave Mammoth Lakes. Come up with your family or friends, teach the little ones how to fish, they will love their first fishing experience at Mammoth Lakes.

Make it a weekend trip with one of our trailers. Mammoth Lakes is the perfect place to take your family camping! Bring along your fishing gear and enjoy a weekend of fishing in one of the most beautiful parks in western California. You can use many different techniques while fishing; bring your gear, baits and lures and catch the biggest fish in the water. Mammoth Lakes has Sporting Good stores to help you with all your fishing gear needs. With all the different possibilities, there’s something for everyone to do!

What are you waiting for? Fishing season starts on the last week of April and goes on to mid November. There’s plenty of time to enjoy Mammoth Lakes camping and fishing during the summer! Don’t forget that anglers 16 years of age and older are required to have a fishing license in order to fish on Mammoth Lakes. These fishing licenses are reasonably priced and can be purchased in several locations around the town of Mammoth Lakes.

This Spring, the most fun can be found at Mammoth Lakes! Come to fish and stay to camp! don’t know how to fish? Mammoth Lakes offers classes for beginners and for those who need a little refresher.

Fishing is a relaxing sport that can be enjoyed for a life time. You’re never too old or too young to enjoy fishing! You will learn how to better appreciate nature by participating in this sport! Call Adventure in Camping today to find out how we can help you enjoy a fishing and camping trip in Mammoth Lakes!