Camping is one of the most adrenaline rich sport that outdoor enthusiasts embark on. However, while this activity provides a huge boost on happy hormones, it also carries the same level of danger if campers will proceed without precaution. However, veteran campers would always say that everything you need is in the forest. Yes, even the herbs that will help you recover in case the unwanted incidents occur. So, we’ve decided to compile a list for you so you are aware of the most reliable herbs that you can find in your surroundings in times of trouble on the trail:


  1. Lemon Balm
    Sometimes, campers want to test their limits and go camping during the winter. This causes most campers cold sores. This is where our dear leafy lemon balms come in handy as it is a great topical agent for cold sores. To create this magical medicine, crush the fresh leaves and bind them over the sore area.

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  2.  Lavender
    Lavender has been popular for its scent because of its calming effect. Did you know that aside from this, lavender is also used to treat bug bites, burns, and some skin problems? It can also relieve itching, rashes, and reduce swelling. To prepare this medicine, easily crush the leaves and apply the paste to the affected area. If it is not an emergency situation, you can fill a jar with dried leaves and soak it with olive oil. Let it sit for six weeks, the decant of the lavender-infused medicinal oil will be the best remedy for your skin problems. Note that lavender should not be taken ingested by pregnant and nursing women or small children.

  3. Comfrey
    This one right here is the best for sprained ankles. A mashed root of comfrey can be used as a topical treatment when cooked properly. It is good for arthritis, bruises, burns, and sprains. To create the topical concoction, boil about 100 grams of dried or fresh, peeled root in half a liter of water for ten to fifteen minutes. Then, soak cloth or gauze in the pot. Next, wrap the cloth to the area for at least 15 minutes. Fresh leaves can also be grounded lightly and applied directly to the skin when it forms a paste.

  4. Yarrow
    If you are bleeding, then this is the plant you would want to find on the trail. Yarrow is known to stop bleeding and helps to avoid infection on open wound. To make the paste, wash and crush the leaves and flowers of the plant, then cover the cuts and scratches with the mixture. This combo can stop the bleeding and reduce the chance of infection. The leaves help encourage clotting on the open wound and has antiseptic properties. Historically, this plant was used in dried, powdered form. It is then mixed with plantain or comfrey water. This medicinal capacity is also recorded in most of its names, like staunch weed and soldier’s woundwort.

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  5. Plantain
    You might’ve stepped on this plant while you were busy aiming for that summit. But did you know that this little herb can save your life from poisonous stings and bites? Plantain is a small plant, just a few millimeters taller than grass, and has parallel veins with a rubbery feel. Its leaves can be crushed and transformed into a paste and applied to dangerous stings and bites with life-saving effects. It can be used as a first aid treatment until help comes.  While it is not as potent as anti-venom used for snake bites, plantain can help to counteract the venom of bees, wasps, scorpions, and other poisonous animals. Continue replacing the paste on top of the wound when it dries out and relief should be quick.

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These are only few of the herbs that can save a life in the woods. The vegetation on every camping ground differs, depending on weather, geography, and ecosystem so be sure to be familiar with these.


Camping in California can be so much fun and safe if you choose the right camping grounds. Here in Adventure in Camping, we make sure the grounds are safe and secured at all times; hoping that our campers will have no need to go out and look for these herbs because we have provided an adequate amount of precaution in the vicinity. Our trails have been cleared and are suitable for beginners and intermediate hikers. We have also properly labeled our directions to reduce the chances of getting lost in the woods. Our security personnel are always on patrol to make sure campers are having fun and not worrying about their safety and the safety of their belongings.


Following rules and regulation is also another way to ensure the safety of everyone in the camping grounds. If the sign says no swimming in the lake, it is best to follow the sign board then risk encountering an accident. But just in case an isolated incident occurs, we have a highly skilled team prepared to provide the best possible care for all our guests. Our medical staff is on standby 24/7 to ensure that proper care will be administered when the need arises.


So, if you are looking for a safe and secured camping experience, get in touch with us here in Adventure in Camping to experience outdoors worry-free and spend quality time with your family and friends.