Heading out to the great outdoors is an exciting activity. Some look at this experience as a moment to reconnect with nature and go back to the basics of living. But a camping trip gone wrong can mean otherwise, so here are our top 5 to-bring list to guarantee a safe and fun evening under the stars:


    Due to the global warming, the weather has become more unpredictable, making it more dangerous for campers anywhere in the world. Sometimes, a forecast of an all-day sun is suddenly filled with dark clouds and a heavy downpour. If you are wearing light, thin garments, be sure to bring the opposite. Clothes that can protect you from the cold or can help repel water, in case it rains or snows.
    We are not expecting accidents to happen, we pray that accidents don’t happen but sometimes, they are unavoidable. So, be ready when it strikes. Always bring with you a first aid kit that can cure open wounds, treat water, calm an upset stomach, and many more. A first aid kit has already saved many lives, simply by administering initial care properly until you are able to visit a hospital or receive proper diagnosis.
    Among the most delicious and nutritious food is peanut butter. Be sure to pack this delightful snack in your bag when you leave for the site. You ask why of all food it has to be peanut butter? Well, it can sustain you for long periods of time with energy with very little amount taken. It has sugar, carbohydrates, and fiber that can keep you going. It can also boost your energy. Did we mention it has a long shelf life outside the refrigerator?
    Not only can you use this for protection, it can also help you with chores. You can cut your food, some plants, and many more. This is a good companion as it also has other tools like a screwdriver, a scissors and few others.  This light knife does not take so much space and weight which makes it a convenient tool for campers.
    You will always need light and fire. Just in case you are in an emergency situation, these items will always come in handy as a source of light. You need light to ward off animals and you need fire to cook your food. Without fire, your diet will be restricted, which is not a good thing to do in the outdoors where you need every ounce of your energy.

But sometimes, there are campsites that are equipped with everything that you need like those we have here in Adventure in Camping. Camping in California has never been so convenient since these various campgrounds opened their doors and started offering their amenities. With clean source of water and proper cooking stations, you can take your camping to a whole new level. Start choosing your campground  with us and you might just like what you see and come back next time with the whole family with your trailer in tow.