While parents want to give the most memorable, exciting holiday for the kids; sometimes they fail to realize that quality time spent together is the best memory their children can have. More than going on an expensive trip to the tropics, or spending a fortune in Disneyland, kids would remember better going on a road trip, setting camp, gazing at the star-lit skies, listening to stories, and cooking s’mores by the campfire for the first time.

You may be a ‘lightweight camper’, and you’re anxious that some things might go wrong, but going on a camping trip is as easy as it sounds. Here are some steps to prepare for a simple weekend getaway:


Prepare the budget

While inexpensive in comparison, it’s still good practice to know how much you can or should spend on your trip. The necessary items to take note of are as follows:

  1. Rental fees

  2. Food & camp costs

  3. Transportation and gas

  4. Activities and equipment rental

Keeping in mind that you cannot blow your budget on just one of the items would give you a better idea on where you’d be putting your money on, and deciding whether you’d enjoy a long road trip, enjoy day-long activities, or indulge a feast in a nearby campsite.


  • Decide on a place to go beforehandEven a free spirit need a little direction. Instead of a randomly picking a site to go to, plan ahead and decide which campsite to visit. This way, you can compare costs — rent, food, water, and even fuel. You can choose locations closer to home, or go driving for a few hours to enjoy a classic road trip.There is no need to get the fanciest spot, what’s important is to get a decent campground that fits your preferences. Different campgrounds have different amenities and activities, so make sure you check the campground spot by visiting their website, looking at reviews, or calling their offices.If you need help in looking for the perfect campsite, you can check our campgrounds to know your options.
  • Plot your activities There are some of the most awesome activities your family would like to try when camping like catching bugs, snooping out raccoons, going on a trek, or fishing. If you have enough room, bicycles are also welcome too. And what better way to make friends than playing ball— baseball, football, basketball. There will be a lot of occasions for the family to get together and spend quality time. For a relaxing evening, why not toast marshmallows by the bonfire and whip up some s’mores while stargazing?These activities do not require your family to rent equipment, which saves you  a lot of money.
  • Prepare and cook your food: Food cost is cut by as much as 60 percent when home-cooked compared to takeaways.For food, you can go with a simple barbecue, go meat-crazy with some fine steaks cooked on a skillet; you can even catch fish and prepare them your own way. For snacks, you and your family can enjoy cooking s’mores, campfire cookies, and other snacks.Also, your kids will love it! Kids these days are not fond of chores, but when these things are done outside, it may seem like an adventure your kids can play along with! This way, you are hitting two birds with one stone— making affordable food and teaching kids to do some chores
  • No need for gears: The good thing about camping is the hassle-free set-up it offers. Trailers are equipped with beds, kitchen, a loo, and air-conditioning. No need to pitch tents or buy gears to enjoy the great outdoors. Sturdy camp gears are expensive, especially tents, and they’re not particularly comfortable too.Unlike tents, RVs provide the safety and security that parents would want to provide for their families. In Mammoth Lakes, attendants make sure to provide a five-star-hotel treatment under the stars. It also saves the visitors the hassle of cleaning up when it pack-up time.


There you have it, so don’t think twice and plan your next family getaway. Remember, it’s not about the fancy places or the glittery mascots, it’s the memories the family makes when they laugh and eat together.

Camping may not be the first activity in mind when the word vacation comes up, but it is always an option— and an affordable one. So, next time you plan to huddle the family members together, be sure to do it near the bonfire while enjoying a nice barbecue .Happy camping!