Current Specials – Discount Codes

Military 15% off Discount

We value the freedoms we often take for granted. And we thank the men and women who fight daily and have fought in the past to ensure we can enjoy these freedoms. To thank you, who work tirelessly to make sure we can enjoy our camping trips, we would like to give you 15% off your camping trip. Simply mention you are a veteran of our armed forces when you make your reservation and let us show our appreciation. ID is required and must be the renter.  Discount must be mentioned at the time of booking.

First-Responder 15% off Discount

The first responders in our great nation often do not get the recognition they deserve. Adventure in Camping would like to do a small part in recognizing the hard work and dedication these men and women show daily when responding to the emergencies most others run from. If you are a first responder including a firefighter, police officer, EMT, or paramedic, let us know and we will happily take 15% off your camping trailer rental.  ID is required and must be the renter.  Discount must be mentioned at the time of booking.

Get up to 30% off your stay

Not picky about your vacation dates? Stay during our off-peak times and get up to 30% off our peak rates. These dates can be much more desirable and are generally during slower periods. Fishing is still good, the weather can be great, and your favorite campsite is likely to open. Visit any of the trailer models and click on any of the “green dates” on our rates calendar for a quote.

Please understand discounts are available based on eligibility and may only be used independently and may not be combined. Discount must be mentioned at the time of booking.  All trailer rentals regardless of price are subject to availability and AIC terms and conditions. Thank you for your interest in Adventure in Camping – We look forward to helping you with your next camping adventure!