Unwind in Nature’s Abode: June Lake Loop Campgrounds Await You!

June Lake Loop is a stunning location situated at an elevation of 7,000 – 7,500 feet east of Yosemite National Park and north of the Sierra National Forest. Since the late 19th century, it’s been a popular destination for outdoor adventurers, anglers, and hunters. June Lake Loop is famous for its string of four magnificent alpine lakes: Silver Lake, Gull Lake, Grant Lake, and June Lake.

Also known as the "Switzerland of California," June Lake Loop is considered a gem of the Sierras. The location is less crowded and thus offers a peaceful environment all year round. It boasts an alpine landscape of granite mountains, clear blue lakes, and snow caps in winter, making it an ideal spot for capturing Instagrammable photos. June Lake Loop is best known for its autumn foliage, with the golden aspen leaves painting the lower hillsides and shorelines.

RV camping at June Lake can be a great way to unwind and enjoy the beauty of nature. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy several activities here, including hiking, horseback riding, and water sports.

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Campgrounds in June Lake Lake Loop | Camping in June Lake

Welcome to Adventure in Camping, where we help enhance your camping experience and connect you with the beauty of June Lake Loop, California!

We understand the importance of creating lasting memories with your loved ones and strive to make your camping trips as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. Whether you're looking for a weekend getaway or a longer stay, we have something for everyone.

Discover the comfort and joy of the June Lake campgrounds we serve!

Please be advised that if you plan to rent a generator for use at a campground located at an altitude greater than 7,000 feet, you may need to upgrade to a larger generator. This is necessary for the proper functioning of both the generator and trailer during your stay. It is important to ensure your equipment works correctly throughout your stay to avoid any unnecessary interruptions.

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June Lake Loop Camping

Golden Pine RV is a privately owned RV park located in the heart of June Lake. It's just a short walk from Gull Lake Marina and various shops and restaurants in town, including June Lake Brewery, a local favorite. This RV park is lined with large pine trees that offer cool shade, a perfect place for a quiet stroll.

Recently, the park has undergone a change in ownership. However, you can still enjoy all the amenities you are accustomed to (if you have camped here before). Additionally, the new management is introducing some exciting new features to the park that they are confident you will love! They are implementing many upgrades, with the primary goal of helping you relax and enjoy your vacation in this beautiful mountain setting.

There are many reasons why you should visit the Golden Pine RV Park, including being the gateway to the Eastern Sierras, world-class fishing, long summer days under starry skies, nearby shopping and dining options, a clubhouse, and customized outdoor experiences.

Campground Facilities:

  • The campground has full hookups for RVs. 
  • There are restrooms, showers, and laundry available. 
  • The campground has shaded spots for guests to relax in. 
  • Big rigs up to 50 ft in length are welcome.
  • Short walk to the town of June Lake, including shops and restaurants.


To reach the campground, drive west for 2.5 miles on Highway 158 and turn right onto Gull Lake Road. You will find Gull Lake Road at the end of The Village. At the end of Gull Lake Road, you will see the entrance to the campground on your right-hand side.

Grant Lake Marina is a full-service marina offering docks, fishing boat rentals, and launches. The marina also provides snacks, refreshments, and tackle for your convenience. After 10:00 am, you can enjoy water skiing, wakeboarding, and personal watercraft on Grant Lake.

The campground and RV park with shade trees provide an awe-inspiring view of the lake, the 12,000-foot Mt. Wood, and the lush aspen groves of Parker. Most of the shoreline is accessible to the public via unpaved roads connecting California Route 158 and Highway 395.

Your visit to Grant Lake Marina will reveal a fabulous summer water sports playground, as well as one of the Sierra's premier trout fishing retreats. The lake is open from the last Saturday in April through mid-October.

Campground Facilities:

  • The campground provides water and sewer hookups for RVs that are self-contained and solar-friendly. If you require daily electricity, a gas-powered generator is recommended, preferably an inverter generator. However, note that generators are not allowed from 10 PM to 7 AM during quiet hours.
  • Showers and restrooms are solely for registered guests. Visitors can get a permit and buy shower tokens from the general store if needed. (The fees and time limits on showers are in place to preserve water.)


To reach Grant Lake Marina in June Lake, CA, take Highway 158 southeast and turn onto Grant Lake Road, which leads to the marina.

Gull Lake Campground is a small, US Forest Service operated facility in the June Lake area that offers plenty of shade. Within a few miles, campers have access to two lakes where they can fish and boat, on top of enjoying scenic views. The small town of June Lake is also nearby.

The campground is situated at an elevation of 7,600 feet in a grove of mature aspen trees. The surrounding area is home to many wildlife species, such as black bears, mountain lions, mule deer, pine martens, pikas, and numerous fish and birds.

There are plenty of water and land-based activities to do around the campground, including great rainbow trout fishing at nearby June Lake, paddling down Mono Creek, and hiking the various trails in the area, including the Mammoth Rock and Gaylor Lake Trails.

Campground Facilities:

  • Gull Lake Campground is a cozy and intimate campground with only eleven sites available. Five of them are located on Gull Lake, providing a serene camping experience.
  • The campsites are designed to accommodate vehicles up to 30 feet in length.
  • All campsites are designed to accommodate tents, while motor homes and travel trailers under 25 feet in length will fit comfortably on any site. However, longer RVs are not recommended due to the short site pads and narrow cul-de-sac turnaround, which may make maneuvering difficult.
  • There is a host on-site to ensure that all guests have a pleasant camping experience.
  • Access to drinking water and flush toilets is available to all campers for a comfortable and convenient stay.
  • Each campsite has a bear locker to keep food and other scented items safe from bears and other wildlife.
  • Trash collection and water spigots are available throughout the campground, making it easy to clean up and access clean water whenever necessary.
  • Each campsite is equipped with a picnic table and fire pit, providing a warm and cozy atmosphere for campers to enjoy the great outdoors.
  • Note that the campground has a 14-day stay limit.


Drive west on CA 158 from US 395 North of Mammoth Lakes. You will find the campground along Gull Lake Campground Road, located at the southern shore of Gull Lake, about 1 mile from the town of June Lake.

Located in the eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains, June Lake Campground is a favorite spot for both families and anglers due to its easy access to fishing, a marina, and boat rentals. The facility offers ample outdoor recreation opportunities. Additionally, the town of June Lake provides shopping and dining conveniences.

The campsites at June Lake Campground are situated in a mixed aspen and pine forest above the eastern shoreline of the beautiful 257-acre June Lake. With its elevation of 7,600 feet, many points in the campground offer breathtaking views of the surrounding 11,000 and 12,000-foot peaks. The mountains are home to numerous species of wildlife, including black bears, mountain lions, mule deer, pine martens, pikas, and various fish and birds.

Campers who enjoy the outdoors will never run out of things to do. You can go fishing for rainbow and Alpers trout, canoeing, boating, or simply take a walk around the lake. There are also numerous trails located a few minutes away, which are perfect for hikers, mountain bikers, and off-road vehicle enthusiasts. For example, the Fern Lake Trail is a short drive away and leads into the Ansel Adams Wilderness.

Campground Facilities:

  • The campground is of moderate size and has several loops, with campsites scattered throughout them, sometimes overlapping.
  • Facilities include drinking water and flush toilets.
  • There is a marina close by.
  • Picnic tables and fire pits are available for campers.
  • Food storage lockers are provided to keep food safe from animals.
  • Each site is allowed a maximum of two pets.
  • Short walk to June Lake for shops and restaurants.


June Lake Campground is located 350 miles north of Los Angeles and 150 miles south of Reno, Nevada. To get there, take Highway 395 until you reach its southern junction with Highway 158. Then, continue on Highway 158 for 2.3 miles. You will find the campground on the right-hand side, past the fire station, in the town of June Lake.

June Lake RV Park and Lodge offers a comprehensive RV park with lodging facilities. The facility is located in the village between June Lake and Gull Lake, although it is not located on either of the lakes. Both lakes have full-service marinas, and the park is within walking distance of stores, restaurants, a park, and fishing.

The park also provides the perfect solution for guests who require additional accommodations for their family and friends who do not own RVs. With lodging facilities on the park's premises, guests can have their family and friends nearby!

Campground Facilities:

  • The campground facilities include complete hook-ups that consist of sewer, water, electric, and cable TV services.
  • There is a fish cleaning station and a laundry room on site.
  • Short walk to shops and restaurants in June Lake and is also just down the street from June Lake Brewing.


To get to the RV Park, drive from Highway 395 to Highway 158. Once you reach June Lake Junction, take a right turn on 158 towards Knoll (Tiger Bar). After that, take a left turn at Bruce. Finally, take another left turn at Granite and follow the road all the way into the RV Park.

Oh Ridge Campground is a popular destination, thanks to its majestic lake and mountain views. This campground is a short drive from the town of June Lake, which offers great shopping and dining options. The surrounding area is also perfect for outdoor recreation activities.

The campsites are largely located in an open area above the shoreline of June Lake. While some pine and aspen trees are scattered throughout the campground, shade is limited. However, the spectacular 11,000-12,000' peaks can be seen from almost every point in the facility. The campground is situated at an elevation of 7,600 feet. The mountains are home to various wildlife, including black bears, mountain lions, mule deer, pine marten, pika, and numerous fish and birds.

Oh Ridge campers have plenty of options to keep themselves entertained and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. The facility offers a range of activities, such as swimming in the lake's clear waters, fishing for rainbow and Alpers trout, canoeing, boating, or taking a walk to the Oh Ridge viewpoint, from which the campground was named. There are also many trails located a few minutes away.

Campground Facilities:

  • The facility is quite large and offers campsites organized into several loops, each one named after a specific animal found in the area.
  • There is an amphitheater on the premises.
  • Drinking water, flush toilets, and pay phone are available for campers' convenience.
  • The campsite comes equipped with a bear-proof food locker, fire pit, picnic table, and grill.
  • For campers who require additional supplies or amenities, a nearby resort that offers showers, basic groceries, and camping supplies is available.
  • Each site permits a maximum of two pets, which must be kept on a leash at all times.


Oh Ridge Campground is 350 miles north of Los Angeles and 150 miles south of Reno, Nevada. To reach the campground, take Highway 395 and head towards the southern junction with Highway 158. Once you reach Highway 158, travel for 1 mile and turn right onto North Shore Drive. After traveling approximately 1 mile, turn left onto Pine Cliff Road. Continue for 0.5 miles until you reach the entrance of the campground.

Reversed Creek Campground is a small and secluded facility in the June Lake region. The area is surrounded by 11,000 and 12,000-foot peaks and is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including black bears, mountain lions, mule deer, pine martens, pikas, and various fish and birds.

The campground is at an elevation of 7,600 feet, surrounded by a mature stand of aspen trees, providing ample shade for campers. Within a few miles of the campground, campers can access two lakes that offer excellent opportunities for fishing and boating, as well as striking views and the charming town of June Lake.

There are various activities that can be enjoyed in the water and on land around the campground. Gull Lake, located opposite the campground entrance, and the nearby June Lake are great spots for rainbow trout fishing. You can also try paddling down Mono Creek or exploring the area's different hiking trails.

Campground Facilities:

  • The facility has well-spaced private campsites around a loop, with each campsite accommodating a 30-foot vehicle.
  • An on-site host is available to provide assistance.
  • There are flush toilets and water spigots that campers can use during their stay.
  • For food storage, bear-proof lockers are provided to ensure the camper's safety.
  • Each campsite has a fire pit where campers can enjoy a campfire.
  • Trash collection is available on-site, and there is a self-pay station for convenient payment.
  • Only two pets per site are allowed.


Reversed Creek Campground is located 350 miles north of Los Angeles and 150 miles south of Reno, Nevada. To reach the campground, take Highway 395 and head towards its southern junction with Highway 158. Once you reach Highway 158, continue for 2.3 miles until you reach June Lake. After passing through June Lake, you will see the campground sign about 0.4 miles ahead. Turn left at the sign and drive for another 0.1 mile to reach the campground.

Silver Lake Campground is suitable for fishing, boating, hiking, picnicking, horseback riding, and photography. The facility offers creekside camping and is equipped with a boat ramp and pack station nearby.

The campground is bordered by Rush Creek and Silver Lake, and June Lake is just a short drive away. At an elevation of 7,200 feet, Silver Lake is situated at the base of mountain peaks reaching 11,000 and 12,000 feet. The area is home to different wildlife species, including black bears, mountain lions, mule deer, pine marten, pika, and various fish and birds.

Anglers can enjoy fishing for rainbow trout in the peaceful environs of Rush Creek and 97-acre Silver Lake. Boating is allowed on the lake, with a speed limit of 10 mph. The magnificent scenery and challenging trails make hiking and horseback riding popular activities in the area. There is a nearby trail that provides access to the Ansel Adams Wilderness. Within the facility, campers can take a leisurely 1-mile walk or horseback ride along Rush Creek.

Campground Facilities:

  • The camping area has a mix of open and shaded sites, some under the canopy of aspen and willow trees.
  • This is a medium-sized facility with some sites bordering the creek and others bordering the lake.
  • The site offers drinking water, flush toilets, picnic tables, campfire rings, and bear-proof lockers to store food.
  • Other amenities available include a boat ramp, parking area, shower facility, and a dedicated tent pad for camping.
  • A small store, cafe, hiking trailhead, and pack station are all within walking distance.
  • Two pets are allowed per site.


This campground is located 350 miles north of Los Angeles and 150 miles south of Reno, Nevada. Take Highway 395 to its junction with Highway 158, then proceed for 7 miles on 158 to reach Silver Lake Campground, CA.

Imagine enjoying the convenience and comfort of your fully self-contained RV just across the road from one of California's most popular fishing lakes. That’s what you can expect in Silver Lake camping at this oldest trout fishing retreat in Eastern Sierra.

Established in 1916 by Roy Carson, who was prompted by his fishing buddies from Pasadena to set up "Carson Camp," this Mono County fishing paradise offers a wonderful vacation experience.

In addition to accommodating your RV, Silver Lake Resort offers large sites for a tow or towing vehicle. While not all sites are shaded, you can find many young trees in the park. The resort features a family-style café serving breakfast and lunch and a general store that offers groceries, dairy products, fresh vegetables, beer, wine, liquor, tackle, RV supplies, clothes, and a unique gift shop.

Campground Facilities:

  • The RV park offers a range of amenities to ensure a comfortable stay for guests, including laundry facilities, restrooms, and showers. 
  • All the sites come with full hookups, including water, sewer, and 30A power, so you can relax without worrying about inconveniences.
  • For those who enjoy outdoor activities, there are horseshoe pits where you can engage in a fun and friendly competition. 
  • At the heart of the park is a lovely shaded barbecue area, perfect for hosting a family gathering or a get-together with fellow travelers.


TTo get to Silver Lake Resort, head to the June Lake Loop. If you're coming from Highway 395, take a left turn onto Highway 158. The resort is located at 6957 Highway 158 and is easily accessible from there.


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  • Ansel Adams Wilderness
  • Day trip to Yosemite National Park
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June Lake Loop Camping Reservations: Details To Be Aware Of

Please note that Adventure in Camping does not own the campgrounds but rather rents trailers that are parked in the campground of your choice within our service areas. Each campground has its own rules and regulations, and you and Adventure in Camping are obligated to abide by those rules.

It’s possible and recommended to book campsites in advance, and you are responsible for making your reservations. Sometimes, the campsite you desire may not be available; Adventure in Camping can help make recommendations on other camping spots if such is the case. Also, keep in mind that some campgrounds only allow a certain percentage of sites to be reserved, while the rest are kept open for walk-up or "first come, first served" camping.

To make reservations at privately owned campgrounds, you can call the campground directly, go through a reservation service, or book through their websites. For Forest Service campgrounds, you can call 877-444-6777 or go online and book at https://www.recreation.gov.

When renting a trailer, the chosen campsite must be able to accommodate it safely. We also recommend considering the grade of the campsite. A steep grade can cause the trailer steps to be high off the ground, making it difficult to enter. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide additional steps at the campsite. Also, there are no refunds or credits if we are unable to park and set up the trailer safely at your chosen campsite.

Adventure in Camping is pretty familiar with the campgrounds and most campsites. If you are unsure if the trailer you are renting will fit, give us a call. We’re happy to help!

If you are having trouble deciding where to camp, please feel free to call our reservation office for assistance. We may suggest alternative campgrounds close to your desired area but not on a reservation program or are already full.

Camp safe by making sure you and your family are prepared for an emergency situation with the ReadyMono Emergency Management and Mono County’s Emergency Services.

Any questions? Find the answers to help you plan your next getaway in our Frequestly Asked Questions.

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AIC is awesome, we have used them for about 3 years now. We rented an RV 1yr to change it up, big mistake. Trust the pros!! Greg was meticulous in making sure the trailer was in an ideal spot, was perfectly level, that we knew how everything worked, and that we had everything we needed. Do yourself a favor and book the ultimate package, use AIC, and enjoy your camping trip like we do EVERY time we use AIC.
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