Unwind in Nature’s Abode: Rock Creek Campgrounds Await You!

Rock Creek is a breathtaking canyon within the John Muir Wilderness area, offering a variety of outdoor activities. The area is home to many species of wildlife, such as black bears, mountain lions, mule deer, pine martens, and pikas, as well as various fish and bird species.

There are many hiking trails that wind around high-elevation alpine lakes. Among the most popular is the Little Lakes Trail, which offers stunning views of the surrounding Sierra peaks, vibrant fall colors, and a beautiful display of wildflowers in the spring and early summer.

Rock Creek, known for its cold and crystal-clear water, stretches for 22 miles through the Rock Creek Canyon. The surrounding area is famous for its excellent trout fishing, where anglers catch brook, brown, and rainbow trout. Those who are in for a backcountry adventure may even be rewarded with golden trout.

If you wish to explore the mountains in style, Rock Creek Pack Station features a variety of mountain packing services. The area also has three resorts providing lodging, general stores, and food services.

Another must-visit is Tom's Place. Located at the intersection of Highway 395, Tom's Place was built in 1917 by a German named Hans Lof. He used to provide gas, food, and warm beds to passers-by. Over the years, Tom’s Place has become a famous homestead and now offers delicious French dip sandwiches, cozy cabins, and the latest information on local fishing. The place also hosts a classic car show every Labor Day.

Rock Creek is an amazing place to explore and unwind with RV camping. Hikers, anglers, or anyone just looking to connect with nature will find something to love here. So why not plan a trip to experience the beauty and adventure of this place for yourself? You won't be disappointed!

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Feast Your Eyes: A Gallery of the Rock Creek Region


Campgrounds in Rock Creek

Welcome to Adventure in Camping, where we help enhance your camping experience and connect you with the beauty of Rock Creek!

We understand the importance of creating lasting memories with your loved ones and strive to make your camping trips as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. Whether you're looking for a weekend getaway or a longer stay, we have something for everyone.

Discover the comfort and joy of the Rock Creek campgrounds we serve!

Please be advised that if you plan to rent a generator for use at a campground located at an altitude greater than 7,000 feet, you may need to upgrade to a larger generator. This is necessary for the proper functioning of both the generator and trailer during your stay. It is important to ensure your equipment works correctly throughout your stay to avoid any unnecessary interruptions.

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Rock Creek Camping

Aspen Group Campground is a serene and picturesque camping spot in the Inyo National Forest between Mammoth Lakes and Bishop, California. The area provides spectacular scenery, perfect for hiking, fishing, photography, and wildlife viewing.

The campsite is beside Rock Creek, surrounded by tall and rustling aspen trees that turn golden in the fall season. At an elevation of 8,100 feet, Aspen gives you astonishing views of the massive peaks to the west and the surrounding steep canyons.

Campground Facilities:

  • The campsite offers a group area for up to 25 guests. There are plenty of open spaces and picnic areas, which can hold large parties and family functions.
  • It features space for RVs and tents, flush toilets, drinking water, and a food storage locker.


From Bishop, California, take Highway 395 northwest for 25 miles. Turn south at Tom's Place, and continue driving south for 4 miles onto Rock Creek Road, following signs to the campground.

East Fork Canyon is an awe-inspiring wooded area near Lower Rock Creek in California's eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains. It's a popular destination for anglers, hikers, and photographers who appreciate its sweeping beauty.

The spacious facility is in a peaceful area full of pine and fir trees. During fall, the aspens turn golden and shimmer beautifully. At an elevation of 8,900 ft., East Fork presents exhilarating views of the surrounding mountain peaks. Rock Creek, known for trout fishing, runs adjacent to the campground.

We may not deliver to this campground during holidays, peak summer camping times, or already heavily scheduled days. Please check with our office.

Campground Facilities:

  • The campground is divided into four distinct loops. While some campsites are close to each other, others are along the banks of the creek. Additionally, there is a good mix of sunny and shady spots to choose from.
  • If you require firewood during your stay, it is available for purchase on-site. Or better yet, pre-order with your trailer rental, and we can deliver it with your trailer!
  • Bear-proof lockers are located throughout the campground to store food properly.


From Bishop or Mammoth Lakes, take Highway 395 north and exit at Tom's Place. Continue on Rock Creek Road for 6 miles.

French Camp is near Tom's Place and is surrounded by aspen, pinyon, ponderosa, and Jeffrey pine trees. The campsite, at an altitude of 7,500 ft, offers a tranquil and panoramic view of the Inyo National Forest.

Rock Creek flows next to the camp, and the area is covered with brushy landscapes and plenty of boulders to explore. The impressive sceneries, combined with challenging trails, is a big draw for hikers and mountain bikers. Also, the region's unique geology makes rockhounding popular among visitors.

Campground Facilities:

  • French Camp is a spacious facility that offers settings suitable for tents and small to medium-sized RVs. However, no hookups are available on-site. While most campsites are designed to accommodate small to medium RVs, a few spots can also accommodate larger RVs and trailers.
  • All the sites are arranged in a single large loop, and some are alongside the banks of the creek.
  • Each site comes with a picnic table and campfire ring, so you can enjoy a memorable outdoor experience with your loved ones.
  • If you need firewood, you can purchase it on-site. Or order it in advance along with your trailer rental, and we will deliver it directly to you!
  • Supplies and free showers are offered at the nearby Tom's Place.


Take the Tom's Place exit from Highway 395 in Bishop or Mammoth Lakes, and proceed 1 mile on Rock Creek Road.

This campground is renowned for its peace and quiet, with most sites situated around a small meadow and surrounded by aspens and willows. During late spring, wild iris and other wildflowers bloom in the meadow. It’s a good choice if you’re looking forward to fishing and picnicking with your friends or family!

We may not deliver to this campground during holidays, peak summer camping times, or already heavily scheduled days. Please check with our office.

Campground Facilities:

  • There are a few camping sites available along Rock Creek you can take advantage of.
  • The maximum length for a vehicle allowed at the site is 26 feet, and the maximum stay allowed is 21 days.
  • Dogs are welcome but must be kept on a leash at all times.
  • Bear boxes are provided and must be used, and drinking water and flush toilets are available at the site.


Drive 23 miles north on Highway 395 from Bishop to reach Tom's Place, then turn southwest onto Rock Creek Road. After 5 miles, the campground will be on your right.

The Palisades Group Campground is situated in the Inyo National Forest, near Mammoth Lakes and Bishop, California. If you’re taking a trip with a large group, then this is the place to be!

The campground is at an elevation of 8,800 feet, at the base of a steep canyon, and is surrounded by aspen and lodgepole pine trees.

You will have ample opportunities for hiking and fishing, as there are several local lakes and streams within walking and driving distance. There are lots of hiking trails in and around the Rock Creek Canyon, some of which lead to high-elevation alpine lakes.

Campground Facilities:

  • Palisades has plenty of shade and a private loop that has five tables and campfire rings.
  • The campground can also be used as an overflow campsite for groups of 25 (or fewer).
  • Drinking water and a food storage locker are provided.


To reach Palisades Group Campground, take the Tom's Place exit from Highway 395. The exit is located 13 miles south of Mammoth Lakes or 30 miles north of Bishop. Once you exit the highway, turn left onto Rock Creek Road and continue for 6 miles. The campground will be on your right.

The Rock Creek Lake campsites are on a low hill with a few trees and splendid lake views. Situated at an elevation of 9,600 feet, the facility treats visitors to magnificent mountain views. The campground has scattered aspen and lodgepole pine trees that provide shade and add to the beauty of the place.

Rock Creek Lake is well-known for its exceptional trout fishing, and power boats on the lake are limited to electric motors only. Also, the area is a haven for hikers, mountain bikers, and horseback riders due to its challenging trails and jaw-dropping scenery. The Tamarack Trail begins in the campground and meanders up to several high-elevation, glacially-carved alpine lakes and ponds.

We may not deliver to this campground during holidays, peak summer camping times, or already heavily scheduled days. Please check with our office.

Campground Facilities:

  • The campsites are thoughtfully placed along the lake shore. There are a number of tent-only, walk-in sites that offer a great view of the lake.
  • There are boat rentals, educational programs, grocery stores nearby, and shower facilities.
  • Firewood is available on-site for a fee, and bear-proof lockers are provided to store food.


Drive south on Highway 395 for 13 miles. Take Tom's Place exit and proceed west for 10 miles. At the lake, follow signs to the campground.

Tuff Campground is in the scenic Sierra Nevada Mountains of California, conveniently close to Tom's Place. The campground stands at an elevation of 7,000 ft., which is lower than many others in the region.

The campground derives its name from the Tuff rock formations in and around it. Most campsites are in an open sagebrush landscape, surrounded by aspens, cottonwood, and Jeffrey pine trees.

The Rock Creek, which is beautiful to look at and provides a relaxing sound for campers, flows alongside the campsites. This creek, along with nearby Rock Creek Lake and Crowley Lake, offers excellent opportunities for trout fishing. In addition, the area's striking landscape and challenging trails make it a favorite among hikers and mountain bikers.

Campground Facilities:

  • This campground is of moderate size and spread out over three loops. Some campsites are located in the shade along Rock Creek, while others sit at the foot of the Tuff rock formations and receive more sun.
  • The campground can accommodate small trailers and RVs and offers a number of level sites for tents. The roads are made of gravel.
  • Firewood is available for purchase on-site, but you can also pre-order with your trailer rental, and we will deliver it with your trailer!
  • Tom's Place nearby offers other supplies.


If you're coming from Mammoth Lakes or Bishop, California, you can reach the campground by taking Highway 395 and exiting Owens Gorge Road in Tom's Place. This exit is 25 miles north of Bishop and 13 miles south of Mammoth Lakes. After taking the exit, drive about 200 yards east until you reach the gravel road. From there, continue north until you arrive at the campground along Rock Creek. You can follow the signs to reach your destination.


Immerse Yourself in the Thrilling Outdoor Experiences Rock Creek Have in Store!

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Nearby Attractions

Explore the captivating attractions near your Rock Creek campgrounds, offering a blend of natural beauty, outdoor activities, and diverse points of interest.

  • Ansel Adams Wilderness
  • Crowley Lake
  • Mammoth Lakes
  • Tamarack Lakes Trail
  • Shepherd Hot Springs
  • Wild Willy's Hot Springs
  • Devils Postpile and Rainbow Falls

Rock Creek Camping Reservations: Details To Be Aware Of

Please note that Adventure in Camping does not own the campgrounds but rather rents trailers that are parked in the campground of your choice within our service areas. Each campground has its own rules and regulations, and you and Adventure in Camping are obligated to abide by those rules.

It’s possible and recommended to book campsites in advance, and you are responsible for making your reservations. Sometimes, the campsite you desire may not be available; Adventure in Camping can help make recommendations on other camping spots if such is the case. Also, keep in mind that some campgrounds only allow a certain percentage of sites to be reserved, while the rest are kept open for walk-up or "first come, first served" camping.

To make reservations at privately owned campgrounds, you can call the campground directly, go through a reservation service, or book through their websites. For Forest Service campgrounds, you can call 877-444-6777 or go online and book at https://www.recreation.gov.

When renting a trailer, the chosen campsite must be able to accommodate it safely. We also recommend considering the grade of the campsite. A steep grade can cause the trailer steps to be high off the ground, making it difficult to enter. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide additional steps at the campsite. Also, there are no refunds or credits if we are unable to park and set up the trailer safely at your chosen campsite.

Adventure in Camping is pretty familiar with the campgrounds and most campsites. If you are unsure if the trailer you are renting will fit, give us a call. We’re happy to help!

If you are having trouble deciding where to camp, please feel free to call our reservation office for assistance. We may suggest alternative campgrounds close to your desired area but not on a reservation program or are already full.

Camp safe by making sure you and your family are prepared for an emergency situation with the ReadyMono Emergency Management and Mono County’s Emergency Services.

Any questions? Find the answers to help you plan your next getaway in our Frequestly Asked Questions.

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AIC is awesome, we have used them for about 3 years now. We rented an RV 1yr to change it up, big mistake. Trust the pros!! Greg was meticulous in making sure the trailer was in an ideal spot, was perfectly level, that we knew how everything worked, and that we had everything we needed. Do yourself a favor and book the ultimate package, use AIC, and enjoy your camping trip like we do EVERY time we use AIC.
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