29BH 1 Trailer


When was the last time you sat around the campfire, roasted marshmallows, cooked over an open fire, spent the day on the lake, or hiked with the kids? Camping should be fun and easy. Don’t worry about the setup of your next camping trip. We’ll park it for you! We park vacation travel RV trailers in the campsite of your choice in over 80 campgrounds for Eastern Sierra camping.

Choose the model that best fits your needs from the largest and newest trailer rental fleet available. All of our trailer rentals are delivered with a basic set of pots and pans, cooking utensils, dishes (plate, bowl, coffee cup, drinking cup), silverware, plastic cutting sheet, assorted serving bowls, 1 roll of paper towels, toilet paper, dish soap and sponge, and hand soap. All trailers are self-contained and have a flush toilet, shower, refrigerator, stove/oven, sink (bathroom and kitchen area) and awning.

Click on the model number below for rates, information, pictures, and floor plan details.  The calendar is for pricing only, not availability.

Select Trailer Model Sleeps Beds A/C TV/DVD Slide-out Length 1 Night From

Note regarding air conditioning: The air conditioning unit requires a large generator (3K minimum) or 110v power to operate. Running the generator at altitudes above 8,000’ is not recommended. Placing the trailer with full hook-ups in an RV park will allow the air conditioning unit to operate normally. All trailer lengths are based on trailer manufacturer specifications and generally include tongue and rear bumper.