Camping with your friends and family should be a fun and memorable experience.  An important part of the experience is the campsite where you spend your vacation.  You may make reservations for many of the campsites in the Sierras, but how do you choose with over 2200 campsites in all the different areas? Adventure in Camping can help!

When choosing a campsite, there are a few things you should consider:

What time of the year are you planning to camp? If you are planning a trip when the kids get out of school in June or middle of the summer, you will want to reserve your campsite early.  Most of the campsites are open for reservations six months in advance and will often book up within a week of opening for reservations. If you don’t have a preference and are open to suggestion, plan your trip in the late spring before kids get out of school or in the fall once they go back. Although these times can be cold and the weather may be unpredictable, it can also be very warm during the day without the typical summer crowds.

Pay attention to the campsite you are booking. Most campsites within the campground accommodate travel trailers or RV’s but some are limited to tents only or so small you would not be able to get a regular sized trailer or motorhome in the space. If you are not sure, look at the overall length.  Most of the campsites will have the length listed. You generally want something over 30-35 feet in length. This will allow you space for the travel trailer or motorhome and your personal vehicle.  Most campgrounds do not offer much extra parking so you’ll want to plan to fit all your vehicles within the one campsite.

What’s important to you? Some campsites are located within walking distance to grocery stores and restaurants. Others are secluded in the mountains and trees without anyone else around you. Some campsites are near lakes or streams where others have no available water source. Consider what you will be doing while you are not in the campsite. Will you be walking or hiking from the campground or driving to attractions? Is having a water source nearby important to you? All travel trailers have water storage, so being secluded may be more important to you than being close to water. Do you need household power to operate an appliance? Most campsites are “dry camping” which means they do not provide any water or electrical source. The travel trailers are equipped with battery power which will operate most of the interior including water pump and lights but you may want to consider reserving a campsite at an RV camping park with full hookups if standard household power is important to your comfort.

Almost all the campsites are close to some sort of bathroom. Some of the bathrooms are flush toilets while some are more primitive pit toilets. Most do not offer showers, but some do. The travel trailers are equipped with both a toilet and shower so you will not necessarily need these at the campsite but depending on how large your family is, it may be a good consideration.

Adventure in Camping is here to help! We want your camping experience to be a great one. Camping has been a part of our family for generations. We can help you find the campsite that is right for your family’s next camping adventure. Contact us today to find out more!