The state of California is filled with beautiful hidden treasures when it comes to great outdoor adventure spots. One of these great finds is the June Lake Loop. Sitting at about 7,000 – 7,500 feet of elevation and located directly to the east of Yosemite National Park and to the north of the Sierra National Forest, the June Lake Loop is a great getaway location.

June Lake is considered as a jewel of the Sierras and is sometimes referred to as the “Switzerland of California.” Known for its icy caps during the winter as the backdrop of a clear lake, June Lake Loop offers more than just a beautiful view and photo-worthy scenery. 

(Photo from the Mono County official website)

June Lake offers travelers what is considered by most as the ultimate alpine scenery of granite mountains with snow caps in winter and clear blue lakes—minus the influx of multitudes of visitors—all-year-round.

June Lake Loop has several small but beautiful alpine lakes—four to be exact—namely Silver Lake, Gull Lake, Grant Lake, and June Lake.

A popular summer destination, you get to enjoy hiking trails, horseback riding, water activities, and quiet star-filled nights perfect for night sky gazing.

It is also California’s best place to see autumn foliage, with aspen leaves painting the lower hillsides and shorelines in gold. And in winter, there is a small ski area.

What Do I Need To Know About The History of June Lake?

June Lake has always attracted outdoor activity enthusiasts. Even in the last 19th century, while people have been busy looking for gold, June Lake was more famous for its scenery and was never mined for gold. It has always been a playground for anglers, hunters, and outdoor adventurers.

Not everyone paid attention to it because it is just a lake with a beautiful mountain view. At least, not until 1915, when a road was constructed to reach the Rush Creek, just past Silver Lake. Later on, a rail tramway system was moved from a closed mine spot at Bodie to the difficult mountains above for the construction of two dams that will be home to Hydroelectric Power Plants. Its scenic location made the first businesses thrive there because visitors believed that camping is the best way to experience the place.

(Gull Lake in the Fall)

As time passed, employees of the power station and fishermen decided to continue building the road to connect with the path in the Silver Lake area. This project connected the June Lake Junction to the rest of the world which made June Lake accessible for vehicles and made development in that area possible. Eventually, housing tracts were built between June and Gull Lakes and also near Fern Creek and Silver Lake.

What’s There To Do In and Around June Lake?

There is something for everybody in June Lake Loop. Whether you are someone who likes the quiet serene ambiance of a place or an adrenaline chaser who seeks outdoor adventures, this place will not disappoint.

June Lake Loop is a destination for all seasons. During the winter the snow-capped mountains will offer the best photo background for you. In the fall, trout start to surface in the river and the lake which is the best time to be for fishermen. In the spring, the changing of color of the leaves will be worth seeing. And the summer is the best time to take advantage of the cold lake and running river.

Biking and Horseback Riding

For those who’d like to sweat a little, there are biking trails and horseback riding activities they can enjoy. Biking in the vicinity of June Lake Loop will be a colorful experience. During the fall, the tall green trees that line up along the Highway 158 turn golden yellow. This makes for a stunning backdrop during your leisure ride at the park. This view also makes June Lake a top destination during this season. If you are lucky, you might even experience red and gold leaves falling as the wind blows. 


June Lake Loop has four lakes, that’s why fishing is the area’s most popular activity. After parking your RV, you can start setting up your fishing corner near the lake and wait for trout to take the bait while looking at bright blues skies and hearing birds chirp the day away.

Hiking and Trekking

For people who like it calm and yet craves the cold breeze, a day of hiking or trekking is the activity for you. Walking around June Lake and two more nearby parks, Yosemite National Park and Ansel Adams Wilderness will hit the spot for a day tree bathing. There are also stunning mountain landscapes that travelers can explore at the High Sierra. Did we mention the view is Instagram-worthy?

(Kayaking in June Lake. Photo from the Mono County Official Website.)

Kayaking on Silver Lake

Silver Lake has a stunning view of the trees and mountains, especially in autumn, when the colors have changed and brightened up.

Kiddie Activities

What about the kids, you may ask? There are several outdoor activities that are safe for kids like biking, trekking, or boating. Under the supervision of a guardian, these activities are more than enough to keep the kids’ energy up the entire trip. They might also want to learn how to ride a horse. Sounds fun, right? If you want to utilize your rented RVs more, there are also RV games that can be played in the vicinity of the parking spaces. With these activities, camping at June Lake sure takes RV camping to the next level.

RV Trailer Adventure

June Lake Loop boasts of a lot of interesting attractions, making it a favorite go-to camping place for adventure seekers and vacationers alike.

If you are someone who likes to combine all the activities we’ve laid out on this list, then we suggest you come to June Lake Loop with an RV trailer in tow. Imagine parking your RV near the lake where you can catch some fish for lunch; then, ride a bike to the trails in the afternoon, before enjoying a leisure walk in the evening while watching the sky glimmering with stars. 

Restaurant Hopping

It is not all RV camping as there are also restaurants that capture the essence of being in June Lake Loop like Alpine Deli, The Silver Lake Café, and Eagle’s Landing. These restaurants offer the best food and wine selection in June Lake. Whatever you’re craving, these June Lake options will not keep you waiting.


So, what can moms do while dad takes out the fishing rod and wait for a catch? Well, there are clothing and apparel areas where the ladies can drop by and buy some souvenirs. There are also boutiques that can boost your camping fashion.


June Lake Loop has hidden corners and trailheads where you can have different amazing views of the mountains, lakes, and trees. Choose from the four lakes in June Lake Loop to watch the sunrise over Carson’s Peak.

Snow Sports

If you have noticed, June Lake has a backdrop of two icecaps. These are the Rainbow Mountain and the June Mountain. These mountains are connected by a rainbow bridge which makes it more accessible for guests. 

Here, there are skiing zones, snowboarding areas, and of course, snowball fight pits! The unique winter experience that June Lake can offer is ice climbing. There are walls and trails that can be taken by the beginners who might be first-time climbers; and, there are also the more complicated walls for guests who seek to challenge themselves.


If you’re the napping type, there are also hotels, spas, and cabins in the area where you can spend your entire day resting on a soft, comfortable bed with marshmallow-like pillows. Then, wake up to the inviting aroma of freshly brewed coffee or cocoa. You might also just want to sit near the window while reading a book you have been wanting to finish since three months ago.

Water Sports

But it is not all land activities in June Lake. There are also a number of water activities or water sports that guests can enjoy like kayaking, surf paddling, or fishing. Bringing your own gear is always the best option, but just in case you don’t have one, there are shops that rent these items by the day. See, gear or no gear, June Lake Loop has all these amenities for you.

Other Things To Do Around June Lake Loop

Home to year-round fun all year, there are few areas that can compete with the majestic beauty of the campgrounds located throughout June Lake Loop. With that, RV campers have access to a wide variety of exciting outdoor activities such as rock climbing, off-road four-wheeling, golfing and bird watching.

Did you know that every July, June Lake Loop is also home to the “Toughest Race in the Most Beautiful Place,” the area’s annual Triathlon Race? Set against the backdrop of the Inyo National Forest and some of the most beautiful scenery in the state, the June Lake Triathlon attracts hundreds of participants (and spectators) from around the country who have come to test their strength, stamina, and perseverance. 

When winter comes around, the area of June Lake also has access to June Mountain Ski Area, one of California’s most family-friendly ski mountain destinations. With a fun atmosphere and uncrowded slopes, your family can enjoy outdoor family activities all year long while RV camping in the June Lake area.

Where Are The Best Camping Spots Around June Lake?

Found comfortably nestled among the rugged mountains of the Eastern Sierra, beautiful June Lake Loop offers many year-round outdoor activities and a variety of full-service RV parks with convenient lodging accommodations and gorgeous scenic views.

There are ten different campsite options located along the June Lake Loop with varying capacities for each one. We are going to highlight a few of our most popular June Lake Loop campsite locations and their surroundings.

Golden Pine RV

Golden Pine RV is at the center of June Lake nestled in the heart of June Lake but is also just a short walk to Gull Lake Marina and the shops and eateries in town. It has 22 sites available for trailers.

Visit the Golden Pine RV official website.

Grant Lake Marina

Grant Lake Marina has 70 sites with tree shades and the view of the lake. Grant Lake Marina is a great place to bring your boat and enjoy some snacks and refreshments before getting back out on the water. You will find some great photo opportunities here as well, so make sure you always have your camera ready with a waterproof case!

The marina offers visitors docks, fishing boat rentals, and launch, snacks, and refreshments tackle, and gasoline. There are also some water activities available such as waterskiing and wakeboarding, and operating a personal watercraft is allowed.

Visit the Grant Lake Marina official website.

Gull Lake Campground

Just outside of town along the June Lake Loop, Gull Lake Campground has 11 campsites that can accommodate a 30-foot vehicle. Drinking water and flush toilets are available. Gull Lake may be the smallest, but it has Carson’s Peak to make up for its size.

Visit the Gull Lake Campground official website.

June Lake Campground

June Lake Campground has 27 sites, is surrounded by land and lakes for ample outdoor reaction activities, and is close to shopping and dining areas. It is easily accessible for fishing, with a marina and boat rentals available for families and anglers.

Visit the June Lake Campground official website.

June Lake RV

June Lake RV Park is located in town just off the main road and offers various hook-ups: sewer, water, electric, cable TV, a fish cleaning station, and laundry room.

Visit the June Lake RV official website.

Oh! Ridge

Oh! Ridge Campground is a favorite spot for families and anglers because of its outstanding lake and mountain views. It is nearby a town so you can enjoy some shopping and dining while experiencing outdoor recreation opportunities.

The campsite at Oh! Ridge is a very popular favorite for visitors to the June Lake Loop. It is located right along the June Lake Beach, which makes for some beautiful views and photo opportunities. 

This site offers 140 campsites, so there are plenty of spacious options, but remember to reserve a spot online because this favorite fills up quickly. Oh! Ridge is a great place to kick back with a fishing pole, but if you’re craving something a little more active, do not worry; you will find great active options here as well. Oh! Ridge offers breathtaking hiking trails with great views overlooking the lake and surrounding mountains.

One of the great attractions to this area is that it provides a wonderful alternative to the popular Yosemite National Park. In the National Parks, you will often be competing with a crowd of people to reserve a camp spot and your peaceful getaway in nature can feel like an overcrowded shopping mall experience. Out here you will find a lot of the same beautiful attractions, but you will not be fighting the crowds quite as much.

Visit the Oh! Ridge Campground official website.

Pine Cliff RV Resort

Pine Cliff Resort is just right next to June Lake and offers a general store, gas, propane, on-site laundry room, and showers.

Visit the Pine Cliff RV Resort official website.

Reverse Creek Campground

While Reversed Creek Campground may be a small facility, campers have access to two lakes with lots of fishing and boating opportunities, scenic views, and the small town of June Lake.

Visit the Reverse Creek Campground official website.

Silver Lake Campground

Silver Lake Campground is a great camp for fishing, boating, hiking, picnicking, horseback riding, and photography as it is in between Silver Lake and Ansel Adams Wilderness.

Visit the Silver Lake Campground official website.

Silver Lake Resort

A little farther along the June Lake Loop heading northward, you will find the Silver Lake Resort. Silver Lake is the among most popular fishing lakes in California, and Silver Lake Resort gives you access to it.

This family-owned and operated resort is another absolute favorite for a beautiful Yosemite National Park alternative. This beautiful resort right on the peaceful Silver Lake offers 85 campsites at the resort and there are an additional 65 sites just a little farther down the road at the reservable campgrounds. 

This area provides breathtaking views with massive mountain rock faces surrounding the lake. Many people enjoy renting a boat or kayak and enjoying the beauty of Silver Lake and its surrounding areas. If you are interested in learning about fly fishing at all, the family that operates the resort offers classes, so you can pick up a new skill on your getaway adventure.

Visit the Silver Lake Resort official website.

(June Lake and Carson Peak as seen from Oh! Ridge)

How Do I Get To June Lake?

No matter where you will be coming from, going to June Lake Loop is easy as pie. Below is the list of possible routes you can take when driving your vehicle with your RV in tow:

California State Route 158

Since June Lake sits on the eastern slope of the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains, California State Route 158 defines the June Lake Loop Road as well as the US Highway.

State Route 120

Also in confluence with the North Junction is State Route 120 which extends from central Nevada to the east and Yosemite National Park to the west. Take note that some parts of the S/R120 may be closed during the winter.

Interstate 80 or US 50

If you are coming from Northern California, Northern Nevada, or other northern points, you can take the Interstate 80 or US 395 to Reno, or the US 50 to the Tahoe area and use the Access US 395 to proceed South. RV campers from Reno will have the quickest access to June Lake Loop as it is just 150 miles south via US 395.

Tioga Pass

When the sun is up during the Summer, guys from Central California can take the State Route 120 east via Tioga Pass and cross the Sierra Crest. There is a bit of fee that drivers might have to pay for using the road at the Yosemite National Park.

Route 108

Another option is Route 108 at Sonora Pass. Upon entry to US 395 turn right to the southern lane. June Lake is about 175 miles from the Stockton-Manteca area. During the winter these mountain passes will be closed to traffic, so RV campers are advised to take Route 88, Carson Pass.

Nevada 208 to 338

For guys coming from Nevada, near Yerington, you can use Nevada 208 to 338 south, these roads intersect with California 182 to US 395 at Bridgeport.

US 95

Alternatively, take US 95 South to Hawthorne then Nevada 359 which meets California Route 167 that brings you to US 395 at Mono Lake.

95 to 266 Lida

Meanwhile, guys in Las Vegas can follow 95 north to the 266 through Lida, then use Route 168 at Oasis over Westgard Pass to meet US 395 at Big Pine and turn North. This will roughly take five to six hours of total driving time.

California 14 North

Lastly, if your clique will be coming from Southern California Coastal-Los Angeles-Santa Barbara area, from the I-5 at Sylmar use the California 14 North to the junction of US 395. At Inyokern, most Southern California destinations are 300-500 miles from June Lake.

Adventure in Camping: Worry-Free RV Camping in June Lake 

The location and geographical gifts caused June Lake to be one of the best destinations for RV camping. Make the most out of your June Lake camping experience by letting us take care of all the hassle of transporting and setting up your RV trailer so that you can get started on enjoying the abundance of activities and taking in all the breathtaking sights that the Eastern Sierras have to offer!

With a fine selection of quality RVs that can be rented on a daily basis, Adventure in Camping has available for-rent RV trailers that you can bring to June Lake Loop. Our trailers can fit families or group of friends for an evening of fun, bonding, and relaxation. 

Aside from RV campgrounds in and around the area of June Lake Loop, other nearby locations serviced by Adventure in Camping including:

  • Lee Vining: A popular way to access the glory that is Yosemite, Lee Vining is your portal to some of the best Eastern Sierra camping sites, including Mono Vista RV Park and Lundy Lake Resort.
  • Mammoth Lakes: A perennial favorite for all lovers of Eastern Sierra camping, the Mammoth Lakes area is renowned for campgrounds like Red’s Meadow Campground, New Shady Rest Campground, Mammoth Mountain RV, Camp High Sierra.

Plan your next RV camping trip for an adventure in a special location like the Eastern Sierras of California. With terrain created by ancient glaciers and volcanic activity, a wealth of attractions marked by hot springs, volcanic cones, and glacial lakes and valleys, come enjoy a weekend of RV camping where the desert meets the high mountains at June Lake Loop.

For more details on our RV trailer rentals, information on campgrounds, and other information, visit the Adventure in Camping website at or give our team a call at (760) 935-4890 today.


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