There is something for everybody in June Lake Loop. Whether you are someone who likes the quiet serene ambience of a place or an adrenaline chaser who seeks outdoor adventures, this place will not disappoint.


  1. Hiking or TrekkingFor people who like it calm and yet craves the cold breeze, a day of hiking or trekking is the activity for you. Walking around June Lake and two more nearby parks, Yosemite National Park and Ansel Adams Wilderness, will hit the spot for a day tree bathing. There are also stunning mountain landscapes that travelers can explore at the High Sierra. Did we mention the view is Instagram-worthy?
  2. Biking and Horseback RidingAs for our friends who like to sweat a little, there are biking trails and horseback riding activities they can enjoy. Biking in the vicinity of June Lake Loop will be a colorful experience. During the fall, the tall green trees that line up along the Highway 158 turn golden yellow. This makes for a stunning backdrop during your leisure ride at the park. This view also makes June Lake a top destination during this season. If you are lucky, you might even experience red and gold leaves falling as the wind blows. Wouldn’t that be romantic?
  3. Water SportsBut it is not all land activities in June Lake. There are also a number of water activities or water sports that guests can enjoy like kayaking, surf paddling, or fishing. Bringing your own gear is always the best option, but just in case you don’t have one, there are shops that rent these items by the day. See, gear or no gear, June Lake Loop has all these amenities for you.
  4. RV Trailer AdventureIf you are someone who likes to combine all these activities, then we suggest you come to June Lake Loop with an RV trailer in tow. Imagine parking your RV near the lake where you can catch some fish for lunch; then, ride a bike to the trails in the afternoon, before enjoying a leisure walk in the evening while watching the sky glimmer with stars. You do not have your own RVs? it is okay. People like us at Adventure in Camping have available for-rent RV trailers that you can bring to June Lake Loop. These trailers can fit families or group of friends for an evening of fun, bonding, and relaxation. Maybe some RV games too?
  5. Snow SportsIf you have noticed, June Lake has a backdrop of two icecaps. These are the Rainbow Mountain and the June Mountain. These mountains are connected by a rainbow bridge which makes it more accessible for guests. Here, there are skiing zones, snowboarding areas, and of course, snowball fight pits! The unique winter experience that June Lake can offer is the ice climbing. There are walls and trails that can be taken by the beginners who might be first-time climbers; and, there are also the more complicated walls for guests who seek to challenge themselves.
  6. StaycationsIf you’re the napping type, there are also hotels, spas, and cabins in the area where you can spend your entire day resting on a soft, comfortable bed with marshmallow-like pillows. Then, wake up to the inviting aroma of freshly brewed coffee or cocoa. You might also just want to sit near the window while reading a book you have been wanting to finish since three months ago.


Whatever your intention is this coming holiday, visit June Lake Loop and find it here. Don’t forget to include your Adventure in Camping family to make it more worthwhile.

Whatever your intention is this coming holiday, visit June Lake Loop and find it here. Don’t forget to include your Adventure in Camping family to make it more worthwhile.

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