Most agree that part of what makes parts of California so great, is that we can enjoy one perfect season all year round. However, even if you are still wearing a T-shirt and flip flops in October, your attention should be drawn to the fact that the autumn season is finally here! In the world of camping that means a beautiful new window of opportunity is opening. It is a season with crisp autumn mornings, no annoying bugs, less expensive camp fees and more.

In Northern California the average high temperature falls in the low 70s Farenheit during the fall season. This is an ideal temperature for sweater hikes and canoe rides during the day and escaping the cooler drops in temperature at night by snuggling inside a cozy RV. Camping frequencies are so much higher in the summer because people enjoy the warmer nights, but with the convenience of RV camping there is no need to worry about the night temperatures. In fact, the fall is even better than the summer because you do not have the scorching high temperatures and high humidity to deal with during the day.

Another great benefit of camping in the autumn is the lack of crowds. If you are planning a trip to get away from the rest of the world and reconnect with nature you cannot really do that when you are trying to squeeze your RV in between all the others and fighting for a camping spot. Luckily, in the fall there are much smaller crowds at all campgrounds, so you will have a much greater sense of privacy. You can feel like the only family or group of friends on the mountain and have truly personal experiences with nature.

Lastly, another great reason to camp in the fall is to save some extra money! RVs are in high demand in the summer and parks have higher reservation prices. However, as soon as September hits and the crowds die down, so do the prices. A lovely fall camping trip in the fall will be cost effective and allow you to spend a little extra money to spend on jackets and hiking boots!