MAY 12, 2022

We received a few new trailers!  We are so excited.  They are brand new, have a fun and fresh farmhouse style inside- the Ultimate 241 new for 2022.  We hope to receive a few more in the coming weeks.


NOVEMBER 4, 2021

Hello All!  Stephanie and I have been working hard to get things ready for the 2022 season so we can start taking reservations.  Lots of changes for this coming season.  We anticipate being short staffed again so there are some changes with campgrounds that we will service and when, prices have increased to cover the growing cost of fuel, supplies and wages.  We will be placing an order for 12 new trailers, lets hope we actually get them this year.

And I also want to comment on TRIP INSURANCE.  Yes bold type because I want to have your attention.  Our cancel policy is very simple: you must cancel 30 days or more in advance to receive a refund minus a $100 cancel fee.  If you cancel 29 days or less —there is no refund.  No exceptions.  Also if your campground closes, doesn’t open on time, if there is smoke, a forestry closure, flooding etc there is no refund if you decide to cancel last minute.  So please book trip insurance.  You can book through several different companies online for a minimal cost.  Its so worth it.

Current office hours are Monday through Friday from 8am – 2pm, and you can also send us an email

Looking forward to a great season!

Shannon and Stephanie




















September 15, 2021

AND THE FOREST IS BACK OPEN TOMORROW!  This is awesome!  As far as we can tell, all campgrounds will be open EXCEPT for the campgrounds that were already scheduled to close by now.

FIRE RESTRICTIONS are still in place- no campfires, no charcoal anything.  In doubt of what you can and cant do, please check with camp host or with a forest ranger.

August 31, 2021

Thank you for your patience, the phone is ringing off the hook and emails are pouring in.  We are doing our best to get to you all, we ask for some patience as we try and sort everyone out based on arrival.

The good news – there are privately owned places to camp that are still open!  Secure your site now!

Millpond 760-873-5341

McGee Creek RV 760-935-4233

Brownstown Bishop 760-873-8522

Browns Owens River 760-920-0975

Crowley Lake Fish Camp 760-935-4301

Crowley Lake RV 760-935-4221

Golden Pine RV 760-648-7473

June Lake RV 760-648-7967

Mono Vista RV 760-647-6401

Creekside RV 760-873-4483

J Diamond RV 760-872-7341

Highlands RV 760-873-7616

Keough’s 760-872-4670

Crowley Lake Campground- walk up only

August 30, 2021

We are getting word the Inyo National Forest (where most of the campgrounds we serve are located) will be closing beginning tomorrow through at least mid-September. This will no doubt effect many of you who are planning to camp over the next few weeks. Some of the campgrounds we serve are privately owned and NOT EFFECTED by this closure order. This includes all of Brown’s campgrounds (Owens River and Bishop area) and Crowley Lake Fish Camp and Crowley Lake RV Park. There are also private RV parks in June Lake (Golden Pine and June Lake RV). If you are making plans to visit over the next few weeks, we are still planning to rent trailers in these privately owned RV parks and campgrounds. We strongly suggest making advanced reservations. Our phone is ringing off the hook while we answer questions and assist with upcoming reservations. Email is the best way to reach us…

Thank you for your patience. We appreciate it.

August 24, 2021

The Inyo National Forest has announced that they are moving into Level Two Fire Restrictions.  What does this mean?  It means that there are no fires, open flame, charcoal, etc allowed in the campgrounds, in public or private.  Basically no fire of any kind anywhere in the National Forest or in Mono County.  The current announcement is scheduled from Today through the end of the year.  This can change but I wouldnt count on it.

July 21, 2021

Here we are part way through the busy season.  We are booked for most of the summer but still have openings in September and October.  Make sure to get your campsite reservations, its crazy busy up here!


June 15, 2021

The summer season is pretty much booked up.  Other than a random night or two open we are booked for the summer….  BUT we still have trailers available in September and October.

And here’s to California opening back up and back to normal, Happy June 15th!  Let’s hope we all  can put Covid in our rear view mirrors.

When visiting the Sierra’s, please make sure to clean up your campsite before leaving and make sure your camp fire is completely out.


APRIL 16, 2021

Well Im sure we all thought we would be passed all things Covid 19….  Although we are still dealing with it, we do have some normalcy back and things seem to be improving.  Campgrounds are expected to open like previous years which is great news!  Group sites may still have some delays.  Some changes though- all campgrounds are 100% reservation this season (except for Lake George and Pine City in Mammoth, and Reds Meadow in the Postpile).  So DO NOT plan to do a walk up site, you wont find one.  The weather has been decent and there isnt much snow and people are already up here, so I think we are going to have another busy summer.









UPDATE October 2, 2020

The Inyo Forest Service just announced that the following campgrounds will open TOMORROW Oct 3, 2020.  Please email us at if you would like to reschedule.

Aspen, Lower Lee Vining, Hartley Springs, Glass Creek, Big Springs, Oh Ridge, Twin Lakes, Silver Lake, New Shady Rest, Convict, French Camp

Here is a link to the forest service update:

Our office hours for the remainder of our season is Monday-Friday 9am-5pm, closed Saturday and Sunday

UPDATE September 29, 2020

Well folks the Forest is still closed with a new tentative date of Oct 1, 2020.  Honestly I would be shocked if the campgrounds opened at this point since most were scheduled to close anyway in a couple weeks but who knows.  A few business were allowed to open- Mammoth Mountain RV, Silver Lake RV, Pinecliff, June Lake Junction and Tom’s Place.  Fingers Crossed!

UPDATE September 16, 2020

The Inyo National Forest Service has decided to extend the closure for another week.  They will review the situation daily.  This means obviously no camping but it also means no fishing, hiking, biking etc on Forest Service lands.

Air- the last few days have been bad since for like the first time ever there has not been a breath of wind.  This is expected to change in the coming days so hopefully it will clear up.

UPDATE September 14, 2020

The powers that be will be meeting this afternoon/evening to decide when the Inyo National Forest will be opening.  We know some have received cancellation notices for your campsites and some havent.  There are a number of privately owned campgrounds that are still open and operating.  Email us if you would like their info.  Smoke- some days its clear and others it is not.  We understand that regardless if your campground is open, being in the smoke is not the best.

Please be patient and as soon as we hear something we will let you know.  Our phones are quite busy so please email us if you can.

UPDATE August 12, 2020

As required by the Town of Mammoth Lakes we are posting the following:

Governor Newsom’s Executive Order N-33-20, and associated guidance of
the California Public Health Officer, continue to apply statewide. These advise Californians to avoid traveling long distances for vacations or pleasure as much as possible. This is to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Do not travel if you are sick, or if someone in your household has had coronavirus in the last two weeks. Do not travel with someone who is sick.

UPDATE July 2, 2020

More campgrounds have opened up in the area. Still no word on the postpile area or group campsites. Click on the link below to see what’s open and what’s still closed.

UPDATE JUNE 11, 2020

The following campgrounds will be open June 12, 2020 per the USFS website:

Convict Lake, East Fork, French Camp, Gull Lake, June Lake, McGee Creek, New Shady, Oh Ridge, Old Shady, Reversed Creek, Sherwin Creek, Silver Lake.


Tioga Road will open June 15!  A reservation is required to enter the park and use Tioga Road.  Visit the website for more details

AND FINALLY SOME CAMPGROUND NEWS- In the June Lake area the following campgrounds will open June 12 per the USFS: Silver Lake CG, Gull Lake CG, Reversed Creek CG, June Lake CG, and OH Ridge CG                                    In the Mammoth area: Old Shady Rest, New Shady Rest, Pine Glen Family, Sherwin Creek.


Meeting update from the Board of Supervisors Meeting yesterday-  Phased Plan to Re-Open Lodging starting this month with the unincorporated areas of Mono County scheduled for June 12 and the Town of Mammoth Lakes on June 19.  The plan was developed by the EOC leaders and Health Officer Dr. Boo.  The Board also signed the a letter from the Yosemite Gateway Area Coordination Team highlighting the need for lodging to be open when Yosemite opens this month.

Camping-Still no firm date on opening of the forest service campgrounds.  The County has no authority on this matter.  They are asking that things open now or at least by the above listed dates.  The Forest Service is awaiting guidelines from the state…..

Privately owned campgrounds are currently open.

UPDATE MAY 30, 2020

We will likely be living with this pandemic disease for some time.  Our main goal regarding this virus is to provide a safe work environment for our staff and a safe trailer rental for our guests.  Your cooperation and patience is appreciated and needed to help control the spread of the virus.

Things will be different this season when we do get to start having rentals.  Our staff will be wearing gloves and a mask.  Trailers will take longer to clean but will be thoroughly cleaned with commercial grade and EPA registered products for everyone’s safety.

We have removed some items from our trailers- pot holders, ice cube trays, baskets, information booklets, coverlets, etc as recommended per new guidelines and recommendations from the State.

Our service staff will be able to assist you during operation hours of 8am-5pm and by phone after hours.  We encourage all guests to report any needs to us in the morning so that we can assist you.  New guidelines recommend that we do not enter your trailer while you are present, so please keep this in mind especially after hours.

You will need to wear a face mask in all areas of Mono County, so please make sure to bring them with you and for all your family members including children.  We recommend that you purchase food items from your grocery store near your home.

UPDATE MAY 27, 2020

Good news!  Camping will be allowed in the privately owned campgrounds and RV parks beginning this Friday May 28, 2020.  All Forest Service campgrounds are still closed and the only information we have is that they will begin to open sometime between June 1-30, 2020.  The Town of Mammoth Lakes did extend their short term rental ban, which includes campgrounds, to June 30, 2020 unless the State takes us into Stage 3.

UPDATE MAY 13, 2020

In the last week Mono County has seen 8 new cases.  This has slowed our progression further into Phase 2.  It is still unclear if the short term rental ban will be allowed to expire on May 31 or if it will be extended.  It is also unclear that should it expire, when and if the campgrounds will open.  We are on several conference calls throughout the week trying to obtain as much information as possible to keep all of our guests informed.  Thank you for your patience during this time and please stay healthy!


The Adventure in Camping family wants to assure you that the health and safety of all our guests is our top priority. Just like you, we are closely monitoring new developments regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus). Following the direction from the Governor as well as local agencies, most of the businesses (including ours) in the Mammoth Lakes area are temporarily closed. Mono County and the Town of Mammoth Lakes took the Governor’s order further and mandated all non-essential businesses to remain closed through May 31, 2020. Although this is not a hard date and Town and County officials have indicated they will revisit their order on or about May 1st, we are preparing accordingly. We are still hopeful we will be able to open sometime in May but at this point, we are uncertain. The US Forest Service has indicated the campgrounds in the area may remain closed through May 31, 2020, so even if we are able to open, parking locations for the trailers will likely be limited to private campgrounds and RV parks if at all. This coronavirus situation is confusing and there is new information daily.

Please know we are committed to doing everything possible to make sure your trailer rental vacation happens, and the experience is safe and enjoyable. We will continue to closely monitor the daily information and pass it along to you when we know more

What We Are Doing Now

Currently, all our trailers have been stored for the winter months and not in use so the risk of exposure to the virus is extremely low if at all. Our office staff are working from home and our office hours are not affected. We will maintain our office hours Monday-Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm to answer any questions or help with reservations. As soon as we are told we can begin working at our service yard, we will start our season and be up and running within days.

When we begin to prepare your rental trailer, we plan to practice “social distancing” with our staff and employ elevated cleaning and sanitation protocols. Our rentals have always been cleaned and disinfected using commercial grade cleansers; however, during these unusual times, we will increase training and make sure all trailers are thoroughly disinfected before and after your use.

Important Reminders for You to Consider

During your trailer rental vacation, you will already be “socially distancing” yourself from other people by the nature of most campsites. You will be outside away from confined indoor spaces. You will likely eat, shower, and sleep all within the trailer you rented, away from public spaces. We do not have a hotel style lobby or common areas, just you and your trailer, camping in a site a safe distance from other guests. While it is important to take the necessary precautions and follow proper protocols at this time, camping is a vacation that can continue to be enjoyed.

A Note About the Campgrounds

Most of the campgrounds in the areas we serve are managed by government agencies including the US Forest Service, The Bureau of Land Management, and local counties. Although we obtain use permits to operate within these campgrounds, we have no control over when they open. During normal seasons we experience delayed openings in some campgrounds due to heavy snow, flooding, or other natural hurdles. These hindrances, although annoying, generally only cause one campground or one area to remain closed while most of the areas we serve open on time for the camping season. This time is still uncertain as all of the campground openings are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope to operate this season in your favorite campground, but we are also looking at the real possibility your favorite campground may not open at all. We want to be very upfront and clear regarding this situation as we move forward in this unusual season. Please understand, we rent you the trailer only. Once we are allowed to operate, we plan to operate in whatever campground is open, even in a limited capacity. If your favorite campground or campsite is closed for any reason during your stay dates including due to this pandemic, we will expect you to choose another camping location that is open. We will not offer refunds for closed campgrounds. In the event we are still ordered closed or, once open, there is nowhere to park your trailer due to the coronavirus pandemic, we will be flexible with our cancellation policy.

Please stay safe and watch over yourself and your family. We will get through this time together. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The Adventure in Camping Family