If you’ve ever been to Mammoth Lakes for a camping trip or other outdoor adventures, then you already know how many reasons there are to visit this beautiful area. But if you’ve never had the opportunity to however, then the following list of reasons why Mammoth Lakes has the best winter RV camping might be just the motivation you need to start planning your winter RV trip today!

Here are 5 good reasons why Mammoth Lakes is the best destination for RV camping this winter:

  1. Mammoth Lakes is a year-round adventure land!:
    Open 365 days of the year, the Mammoth Lakes region is the ideal place to plan an adventurous winter RV camping trip for you and your family. While other locations close for the winter seasons, campsites like Mammoth Mountain RV Park and Campground remains open year-round so that you can enjoy this outdoor adventure land every day of the year.
  2. There are activities for everyone this winter:
    Whether you’re into skiing and snowboarding or want to try cross country skiing or snowshoeing for the first time, there really is something for everyone to enjoy while RV camping this winter in Mammoth Lakes-both kids and adults alike!Related: Winter activities you can do in Mammoth Lakes
  3. Hit the slopes and return the comfort of your RV:
    With the abundance of ski runs and family fun snow activities to choose from at both June Lake Mountain and Mammoth Mountain, you can enjoy all the adventures offered in this beautiful snowy landscape and then retreat to the comfort of your RV and a cozy campsite fire!
  4. Explore winter rock climbing in the Eastern Sierras:
    As one of the most well renowned rock climbing areas in the West, the Eastern Sierras offer a wide variety of climbing rocks just outside of the Mammoth Lakes region which RV campers can enjoy throughout the winter season.
  5. Mammoth Lakes is the ideal RV camping destination for first time winter campers:
    If you’ve never been on an RV camping trip during the winter or are tentative to try because you’re unsure of the snow, then trust us when we say that Mammoth Lakes is the place get out those first time jitters! And while Mammoth Lakes is gorgeous all year long, there is something truly unique about being able to experience this landscape while covered in a fresh coat of snow.

So come and see all that Mammoth Lakes has to offer your sense of adventure this winter and start planning your winter RV camping trip today!