RV camping is a great way to unwind from the hustle and bustle of the big city and to unplug from technology.   

With an RV, you can enjoy the great outdoors while enjoying home-like comfort. You get to have the extra space for sleeping comfortably and cooking like youre at home. 

But gearing up for an RV camping adventure is no menial task. With the extra amenities the RV offers, you will also need more things to pack to make your camping adventure a relaxing and fun getaway.  

An upgraded sleeping quarter means bringing more bedroom items like bedding, pillows, and blankets. 

An RV kitchen means better cooking quality as long as you bring the food!

With so much to bring, its best if you make a checklist of the essential items you need to pack weeks before your RV camping adventure. 

Without a list, packing can be stressful. Imagine getting to the campground, and you discover that you forgot something essential? Sounds terrible!

You also dont have to bring all of your things at homejust the essential items you require for camping. 

So make a list and check it twice to ensure a fun and successful out-of-town trip. 

Kitchen needs 

RVs allow you to prepare and cook meals easily with its built-in mini kitchen. While cooking over an open fire is a great camping option, it takes more time and effort. Plus, when youre on your way to the campgrounds, you wont have to make a stop at a restaurant to eat. You can do it right inside your RV! 

Below are some of the recommended kitchen items you need to bring: 

  • eating utensils (spoon and fork) plates and bowls 
  • drinking cups 
  • pots and pans 
  • knives and a cutting board 
  • measuring cups and spoon 
  • can and bottle opener 
  • other cooking utensils such as tongs, spatula, metal flipper 
  • napkins and paper towels 
  • dish soap 
  • sponges, rags and towels 
  • food containers 
  • trash bags 
  • cooking oil 
  • condiments 
  • food to cook or canned goods 

Items for sleeping 

Using an RV will help you become refreshed when camping. It allows you to enjoy the what nature has to offerfresh air, the smell of greenery, etc. at the comfort of your own space. You can open your windows to allow in the night air or set the heat to ensure a good night’s sleep in any weather. 

Just be sure to bring with you your sleeping essentials to enjoy your overnight in your RV. 

  • sheets for all the beds 
  • pillows and pillowcases 
  • extra blankets and/or sleeping bags 

Bath items 

You dont always have to bathe in cold lakes or streams. Your RV comes with a bathroom. With an actual bathroom, you can stay clean even when your camping. 

Here are some items you need to have a complete bathing experience. 

  • towels and washcloths or shower puffs 
  • soap 
  • shampoo and conditioner 
  • toothbrush and toothpaste 
  • toilet paper and tissues 
  • shower house bag and flip flops 
  • clothes 
  • comfortable shoes 

Other RV and camping needs 

Youre camping experience will not be complete without the things that make camping fun! So be sure to pack up the things that are essential in the great outdoors. 

  • flashlights and headlamps 
  • water bottles 
  • sunscreen and insect repellant 
  • hat, cap or visor 
  • first aid kit 
  • snacks 
  • camping chairs 
  • entertainment such as playing cards 
  • gear of your favorite outdoor activity (fishing gear, hiking boots, binoculars)  

If youve decided to go on a camping trip at the last minute, fret not! Adventure in Camping is here to provide you a fully-equipped and ready to go RV! 

Our RVs come with a basic kitchen setpots and pans, cooking utensils, plate, bowl, coffee cup, drinking cup, silverware, plastic cutting sheet,  serving bowls, 1 roll of paper towels, dish soap and sponge. They also come with bathing essentials such as toilet paper and hand soap.  So if you want a worry free vacation without having to worry about log lists, give us a call! 

Just choose from our RV list, and well have it read and delivered in your chosen campgrounds.