If you’re into low-cost travel that offers you more adventure and spontaneity, RV travel is the right choice. But if you’re only planning to use this vehicle once or twice per year, renting it rather than buying it makes more sense. If you need RV rental, visit Adventure in Camping or call us at (760) 935-4890.


As one of the leading RV rental companies in the High Sierras, Adventure in Camping offers the largest trailer fleet that includes over 15 different models and partners with more than 80 RV campgrounds in Bishop, Mammoth Lakes, June Lake, and other must-visit nature attractions in the area. 


What to look for in an RV rental company? 


Unlike car rental companies that offer the same basic services, the RV rental world is more complicated because each company has different pricing, mileage rules, and camp trailers. Nevertheless, some factors can help you decide the right one for you. 


Read on below to know what to look for in an RV rental company.


  • A large trailer fleet


When you choose an RV rental company that offers a large fleet, you can select from a wide range of options, from a small camp trailer for a solo traveler to a spacious motorhome that can accommodate large family groups. 


  • New and well-maintained RVs


If you want to enjoy a hassle-free and safe camping experience, make sure your RV rental is new and maintained on a regular basis. At Adventure in Camping, we service our trailers regularly and ensure they are always clean and in tip-top condition.


  • Client-focused service 


It’s a nice thing if your RV rental company goes above and beyond to give you a fun and hassle-free camping experience. For instance, we, at Adventure in Camping, will park your chosen RV model in any of the 80+ campgrounds in the Sierras, which is an expansive mountain range that borders California and Nevada. 


Additionally, our staff ensures responsive service during booking. 


To take your vacation to the next level, our website includes a page where you can select from any of the 80+ campgrounds in the High Sierra and the “ideal” trailer based on your group size, the amenities you want, and the terrain of your chosen campsite.


We also publish blogs regularly to help RV trailers enjoy convenient and safe travel and to give them ideas about their next destination, vacation hacks, etc. 


  • Budget-friendly RV rental 


One of the main appeals of RV travel is the low-cost vacation since there are no hotel fees and you can even cook your own meals. This is especially true if you choose an RV rental company that offers a diverse selection of trailers and wide price ranges. 


Aside from a wide range of prices, Adventure in Camping offers freebies and promos, including a 15% discount for first responders and military personnel. In addition, we offer up to 30% off if you schedule your vacation during off-peak times. 


(Note: Please mention the applicable discount at the time of booking and understand that multiple promos may not be combined. Also, the final prices are subject to availability and our terms and conditions.)


  • Transparent pricing 


Choose an RV rental company that offers straightforward insurance and pricing rules. At Adventure in Camping, we make sure that we have clear rules and fee breakdowns to avoid nasty surprises. 


  • Happy customers 


It’s advisable to look at customers’ reviews when choosing an RV rental company because they give you a glimpse of the quality of service you can expect. Meanwhile, you can check out these amazing reviews from Adventure in Camping’s satisfied customers.  


Final Word 


RV travel is a good choice if you want complete freedom and a close-to-nature vacation. To learn more about our diverse and well-maintained trailers, or if you want to book a recreational vehicle, go to Adventure in Camping website and fill out our simple booking form.