If you’re an RV traveler or camper, the most basic things to look for in a campground is the availability of full hookups, a toilet area, and other amenities. Also, always consider its proximity to water sources and must-visit nature spots, privacy, and level of campsite–ideally, it should be on higher ground and is relatively flat and smooth.

J Diamond Mobile Ranch is one of the most visited Bishop CA campgrounds because they have the right amenities to keep your camping comfortable and convenient. It is also conveniently located in the center of town next to the iconic Schatt’s Bakery known for its European-style bread and pastries.

What Accommodations Do They Have at J Diamond Mobile Ranch?

J Diamond Mobile Ranch in Bishop, CA offers 30-amp and 50-amp full hookups that can accommodate small, medium, and large RVs as long as 40 feet. Plus, they have pull-through sites that come with cable TV, wifi, water, showers, sewer, and power.

These accommodations cost $40 per night, although the price may vary depending on availability, season, and other factors.

For tent campers, the accommodation costs $25 per night for one tent with a maximum of two persons inside, plus an additional $5 for each companion. Take note that the management requires all campers to sleep in their tents.

Meanwhile, during peak season, they have a seven-day limit for their short-term guests.

What Is There To Do In and Around J Diamond Mobile Ranch?

The nature park offers a quiet place to relax and enjoy scenic views. There is also a stream that runs through the campground with lots of ducks.

For years, J Diamond has become the favorite place of campers and nature lovers who want to hike around the south and north lake area. In addition, there are many fishing opportunities nearby, especially in the Eastern Sierra region near Bishop.

(Note: If you want to go fishing around the area, the campground has staff who may accompany you as an “unofficial” fishing guide.)

Does J Diamond Mobile Ranch Allow Long-Term Camping?

The campground offers long-term accommodation, charging $500 per month. You do, however, need to pay your own propane and electricity, plus an additional $62 for the water and sewer charge.

Also, if you want to stay for more than a month, you need to sign a contract with the management. You can visit their office between Monday and Thursday to inquire about the long-term stay and its requirements, which include a credit and background check. Once you’re approved, you can either bring your RV to an appointed site or purchase a mobile home.

(Note: For long-term renters, you will need to handle your electricity through DWP on a twice a month basis, plus you need to pay for the rent, sewer, water, and propane every month.

Where In Bishop CA is J Diamond Mobile Ranch Located?

The exact location of J Diamond Mobile Ranch is 771 N Main St. Bishop, California 93514.

The campgrounds are conveniently located in the center of town next to the world-famous Schatt’s Bakery.

How Do I Get in Touch With the Folks at J Diamond Mobile Ranch?

Their main contact number is 760-872-7341.

You may visit the official J Diamond Mobile Ranch by clicking here. Office hours are from Monday to Saturday, 8 am to 4 pm (lunch break is between noon and 1:30; closed on Sunday).

Check-in time: 1 pm if not later than 6 pm (no check-in after 9 pm)

(Source: The J Diamond Mobile Ranch official website.)