The experience of camping has evolved over generations to become more enjoyable, accessible, and affordable than many other types of family vacations, and this evolution is largely thanks to the availability of the RV. Also know as a camping trailer or a motor home, the RV has completely changed the way people experience the outdoors! Now more than ever, families across the country are ditching their tents and hotel reservations for exciting and memorable camping trips in RV’s, and one of the simple reasons why is that RV’s have helped to make camping fun again! Now you may be asking, but what are some of the ways you can use the RV to your advantage to really make camping fun again for your whole family? Well, for starters, take a look at the10 ways to make RV camping fun listed below, and then be sure to get in touch with the friendly staff at Adventure in Camping when you are ready to plan your next RV camping trip in California this year!

  • Sleep is important: Maybe even more so when you are out camping, and that is why having an RV when camping makes all the difference in the world, because a comfortable mattress and warm, cozy sleeping quarters is exactly what you need after a long day of camping.
  • Bring earplugs: Similar to the first tip, having a set of ear plugs can dramatically improve the quality of your sleep, or help you temporarily tune out the loud noise made by kids or boat engines. Real quiet time is a necessity for even the most fun of RV camping trips.
  • Don’t be ruled by your technology: While we must depend upon our electronic devices much of the time, try to avoid becoming a hostage to your technology for everything while RV camping-you might not need it as much as you think!
  • Pack better, camp better: By planning ahead when it comes to packing and bringing all camping necessities, food and clothing, and emergency gear, you can dramatically decrease your stress level while camping.
  • Take advantage of the storage and helpful features in the RV: An RV makes camping fun largely because camping becomes much more comfortable with an RV, and it makes it possible to do so much more at a campsite than when without one. Your belongings are also much safer in an RV when you are away from the site as well, in addition to the fact that campers are also much better protected from bugs, the weather, and animals, inside an RV.
  • Reconnect with nature: The RV is the perfect vehicle to experience nature in because it gives you the opportunity to go to beautiful places and live up-close to them in an adventurous, yet comfortable way.
  • Reacquaint with family: RV camping makes for the perfect natural setting for family bonding, and experiencing nature together is also very beneficial for families. RV camping is also especially fun for young children because it’s just the right amount of adventure with the safety of some of the comforts from home.

There are multitudes of additional ways to make RV camping fun again, these are just a few! Remember to head on over to Adventure in Camping to find out more about renting an RV for your family this summer!