When you are on an RV camping trip you are prepared to enjoy a great outdoor adventure with the most comfortable and convenient accommodations. One of the worst mistakes you can make is to over complicate your trip by bringing unnecessary items that end up slowing you down, cluttering your RV and just cause more stress than they are worth. The following is a list of certain items that you might think are helpful, but are better left at home when planning an RV camping trip.

1) Gourmet Cooking Utensils

This is a big one. Do not bring the bulky, heavy complicated kitchen appliances and cooking tools with you. You may think that you will want to prepare a nice meal to enjoy with your friends and family, but that does not mean that your nice meal needs to be a complicated one. Stick to food that can be prepared quickly and simply with lightweight tools and utensils. Also, consider the cleanup efforts that each additional item requires. If you can, we recommend bringing food that can be prepared on your small fire at your campsite, so that you can enjoy the experience of being outdoors even more.

2) Bundled Firewood

This is a very common mistake that RV campers make. Do not bring large bundles of firewood with you because it consumes a lot of valuable space. Wood can be purchased closer to the campsite so that you only transport it a short distance. Often times, campers bring wood with them from home because they found a great bargain, but trust us, the benefit of not having to travel long distances with heavy piles of wood far outweighs the few extra dollars you might end up spending.

3) Food for Stocking Shelves 

Your RV provides a lot of great space for storing food or other items you have brought along. Many people feel tempted to buy a lot of extra canned food to stock those shelves for when people get hungry. Thoroughly planning out your meals will save you tons of time and money because you will not waste resources on extra food that does not get eaten. Have a plan and a budget for meals and snacks, so that you do not feel the need to bring along loads of extra, unnecessary food.

4) Work

RV camping does create a comfortable atmosphere that you could work remotely if it was an absolute necessity, but you should try to avoid it at all costs. Your camping adventure should provide an escape for you to not think about work, but focus on spending quality time with your friends and family and enjoy the peaceful surroundings that nature offers. If you bring your briefcase and laptop, you might find yourself regretting having spent more time mentally checked in to the office, than actually enjoying your trip. This might require you to do quite a bit of planning ahead to make sure that all of your responsibilities are taken care of before you leave, or can wait until you get back without any major repercussions.