California’s High Sierra is a land of wild and breathtaking landscapes, from cascading falls and sparkling turquoise-colored lakes to vibrant foliage in autumn and snow-covered mountain peaks in winter. Additionally, the region offers multiple RV parks and nature destinations perfect for adventure seekers and nature lovers. 

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Top 5 RV parks and must-see destinations in the High Sierra


  1. Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe stretches across the border of Nevada and California and sits high in the Sierra Nevada Mountain range. Known for its sparkling water that comes in varying shades of turquoise, dark blue and green sapphire, this is the perfect destination for someone who loves water sports activities . 

In summer, Lake Tahoe offers various water sports like boating, sailing, tubing, fishing and kayaking; and hiking with its trails that are easily accessible and offer spectacular views of the Lake Tahoe Basin.

But if you want to enjoy a unique camping experience, why not visit Lake Tahoe in winter? You will not just avoid the crowd and bugs (which might be an issue during the summer months) but also enjoy large discounts offered by RV parks during the off-season. 

Winter camping in Lake Tahoe, which sits high in a craggy mountain range, is also excellent if you enjoy skiing and snowboarding.


  1. Mammoth Lakes 

Flanked by the Nevada border and the Yosemite National Park, Mammoth Lakes is the perfect destination for someone who enjoys the great outdoors and nature activities like hiking and mountain biking with its winding trails. In addition, it offers scenic views that include pine forests, alpine peaks and flower-filled meadows. 

Its large body of water, meanwhile, is situated in the Eastern Sierras and offers water sports activities, including fishing, paddle boarding, kayaking, swimming, and tubing.


  1. Mono Lake 

Despite being a lake, Mono Lake’s water contains high levels of salt and minerals cascading from the mountains that it’s two times saltier than seawater. 

The beautiful limestone formations, also called Tufa Towers, have become visible due to Los Angeles’ water diversion efforts that started in the early 40s, causing more than half of the lake’s water to disappear. 

With Tufa Towers dotting the lake and the snow-capped mountains reflected in the calm waters of varying shades of green sapphire and turquoise-blue, people who visit Mono Lake feel like they are in another world. 


Yosemite National Park 

One of the most breathtaking national parks in the US, Yosemite is known for having one of the world’s largest monoliths (El Capitan) and the tallest falls (Yosemite Falls). This national park covers around 1,200 square miles of glacier-carved valleys and hills, meandering lakes and rivers, and hauntingly beautiful granite cliffs.

Thanks to its scenic beauty and wild landscapes, Yosemite has become a popular RV park and nature destination, especially for hikers who want to see unique terrains, including a forest that is home to 3,000-year-old sequoia trees that can stretch up to 200 feet.

The national park is also popular among nature lovers and bird-watchers, thanks to its rich flora and fauna that includes over 200 species of birds and more than 80 species of mammals, including mountain lions, black bears and mule deer. 

In winter, Yosemite offers activities such as skiing, snowboarding and even camping. 

Devils Postpile National Monumen

This monument is a columnar jointing tower that looks like a pile of soaring lumber stacked by giants. The “Tower” was formed through a series of glacial movements and volcanic flows, creating columns that soar hundreds of feet into the air and stretch up to 10 feet wide. 

To visit the Devils Postpile, you need to take a shuttle bus from Mammoth Mountain’s main lodge base area, which is open in the summer months.

Final Word

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