Mammoth Lakes is a picturesque town in the foothills of California High Sierra Mountain Range. Over the years, it has developed a reputation as an RV-friendly summer retreat thanks to campsites that offer full hookups, rental shops and restaurants. 

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What are the must-see places in Mammoth Lakes?

Mammoth Lakes is a popular summer retreat and angler’s paradise as its cluster of seven pristine lakes are regularly stocked with rainbow, brook and brown trout. But when temperatures drop, its snow capped mountains draw skiers, snowmobilers, ice skaters and snowboarders. In short, no matter what time of the year you visit the place, you’ll always have stunning views and enjoy recreational activities.

Meanwhile, read our list of the must-see places in this picturesque town.  

Bodie Ghost Historic Park

Between 1877 and 1882, Bodie was a bustling town with around 8,000 residents and produced more than $38 million worth of gold and silver during its heyday. It was a small, sleepy town until a mine collapsed, revealing a large deposit of gold ore and turning the place into a “gold rush” settlement. 

Nowadays, the goldmine history of California is arguably best exemplified by this town, which has been declared a National Historic Landmark that attracts around 200,000 people annually. 

This historic park accepts tourists between 9 am and 6 pm in summer (May 15th – Oct 31st) and 9 am and 3 pm in winter (Nov 1st – May 14th). While it’s a popular summer retreat, with its peak season between Memorial Day and Labor Day, visiting this place during fall offers a unique experience with its stunning landscape brimming with shades of red, yellow and hazel. 

Devils Postpile

In 1911, then President William Howard Taft issued a decree declaring this geological wonder a US National Monument. 

Devils Postpile is a columnar basalt formation that formed over a million years ago as lavas flowed and cooled, creating these geometrical towers adjacent to the 101-foot-high Rainbow Falls and the stunning mountain scenery. 

Aside from its stunning views that include the Rainbow Falls and the Minaret Falls, it also offers fun outdoor activities like hiking and wildlife watching, making this a must-visit destination for anyone who likes a close-to-nature experience. 

Devils Postpile National Monument is open 24 hours per day, seven days per week during the operating season, but in winter, its shuttle bus operation is close to the public. Please check the website for current weather conditions and schedule information. 

The Old Mammoth

The Old Mammoth is a historic neighborhood that dates back to the early 1900s. But nowadays, it is a place that attracts visitors who are into recreational activities thanks to its golfing fields, hiking trails, horseback riding and camping facilities, and lakes ideal for trout fishing. 

One of the  must-see landmarks in this neighborhood is the Hayden Cabin, which dates back to 1927 as a hunting and fishing log. Here, you can find a museum showcasing some artifacts and photographs that tell the story of the Old Mammoth. 

When you visit this quaint neighborhood, you’d say that it stays true to its rich past as it has restored historical landmarks while at the same time offers an amazing dining experience and modern convenience. 

Manzanar Internment Camp

Manzanar Internment Camp is one of the ten concentration camps during the Second World War and the best-preserved one in the US. Between 1942 and 1945, these camps housed more than 120,000 Japanese Americans, including US citizens, for varying periods of time in Arizona, California, Utah, Colorado and Wyoming. 

Then President Franklin D. Roosevelt, through his Executive Order 9066, ordered the creation of Japanese internment camps as a result of war hysteria during the period. 

Mammoth Ski Museum

This museum-cum-research-library is nestled in downtown Mammoth and houses an extensive collection of ski artifacts, vintage photos and memorabilia, which mostly came from its founder Dave McCoy, his family, colleagues and students. 

Final Word 

We hope our top 5 must-see landmarks in Mammoth Lakes inspire you to plan your RV trip with Adventure in Camping. So visit us now and choose from one of our 15 travel trailer models equipped with home-like amenities like a flush toilet, a functional kitchen, and beds.