RV camping with young children doesnt have to be a scary thought anymore!

Many of us have fond memories of family camping trips during our childhoods, and looking back are thankful to our parents for making it possible for us to go on such adventures as we grew up. Now RV camping with toddlers however, that can be a different story than camping with children who are a bit older. But with the proper planning and preparation believe it or not, camping with your toddler(s) can be a fun and relatively stress-free experience for you and your family!

So let’s take a look at some of the most helpful tips for RV camping with toddlers, starting with basic safety precautions:

Safety first!

You know how curious your little ones are and a camping trip presents the perfect opportunity for them to explore a whole new world of outdoor fun. But don’t forget all the potential hazards that a camping trip presents either, namely the bugs, plants, wildlife, campfires, and water hazards that come along with being in the great outdoors. So educate your child, talk to them about what to do and what not to do, and take the necessary precautions where they could get themselves hurt (e.g., around the fire pit, walking around other campers dogs, being near water, etc.)

Be forward thinking with what you pack

Try to anticipate the situations you might experience so that you can plan ahead and be prepared for whatever comes your way. A fully stocked first aid kit is an absolute must (be sure the kit has kid-friendly ointments, bandaids, wraps, aloe vera gel, bug spray, etc.), as are a steady supply of flushable baby wipes and diapers, including swimming diapers if your toddler uses those. Don’t forget to bring sanitary wipes for cleaning all pacifiers and toys that get dirty at the campsite.

Dont forget all the necessary toddler gear

In addition to the health/safety related items to bring for your toddler on your RV camping trip, you won’t want to forget all the other toddler-related gear as well; including activities, campsite gear, and clothing. It is essential that you bring the appropriate equipment for your infant or toddler to spend the majority of their time in while at the campsite, be it a “pack ’n play” or a play pen of sorts to allow them access to the campground without as much access to the dirt! Don’t forget kid-sized chairs and tables for meal times too.

Another item you want to make sure and pack is a toddler clamp-on chair/booster seat, which will invariably come in handy throughout your trip when you need to keep an eye your little one while remaining busy throughout the camp. You might also want to consider investing in a child-backpack, allowing you to bring the little one(s) on hikes without them getting tired and cranky from too much walking.–You can even pack your child their own special outdoor bag, equipped with their very own flashlight, some coloring books, and other fun activities to enjoy both in the car and at the campsite.

You can never have too many clothes, socks, shoes, and wipes when camping with toddlers!

Just like you would plan out the meals for every day of your camping trip to make meal planning and packing more efficient and stress-free, you should also plan out the outfits for your toddler. Did you bring plenty of socks and shoes as well as water-shoes for playing by the water? Do you have enough diapers and plenty of large ziploc bags to store them in until you find a dumpster? Think and plan ahead!

There really is no magic formula to having a successful RV camping trip with your toddler, so the best you can do is plan smart and come with a positive attitude and a good sense of humor.

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