Camping enthusiasts know that while creating your packing list before departure have at some point forgotten one crucial thing, the weather. At one point, we have not prepared ourselves for the weather. 

Preparing yourself for the temperature at Mammoth Lakes will ensure that every camping trip you take with us is enjoyable. Do not let a little mother nature ruin your trip as long as you prepare accordingly. 


Adventure in Camping offers trailer rentals that make your trip a little more comfortable than weathering it out in a tent. However, colder weather or rain should not stop you from traveling, especially when you are more comfortable in a trailer. 

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Summer Weather at Mammoth Lakes

At over 7,800 feet Mammoth, Mammoth Lakes has mild warm summers but can drop down to cold temperatures. Visitors love the break from the high heat throughout California during Summer. 

The climate provides perfect daytime temperatures for hiking, fishing, and all outdoor activities. Nighttime temperatures allow you to sit around a fire pit with friends or family. 

Campfires are only permitted in a designated fire pit or barbeque. Please protect California’s beauty by checking Mono County for updated information or phone numbers for more information on fires. 

Packing for your trip should include light clothing for the daytime can get into the 80 degrees Fahrenheit, but bring extra clothing or a jacket if the temperature drops at night. It’s also best to prepare with sunscreen and water when out on local activities.

Mammoth Lakes doesn’t get much rain during the Summer months, but it is always better to be prepared just in case. It’s also smart to pack an emergency kit with first aid supplies like bandages or antibiotic cream.

Spring and Fall Weather at Mammoth Lakes

Spring and Fall are great times to visit Mammoth Lakes. The cool daily temperatures allow for rigorous activities like the long hiking trails available, which can be enjoyed by all ages.

As mentioned earlier, Mammoth lakes do not get a lot of rain, but Spring and Fall can bring a little rain. So it’s safe to pack some extra plastic bags to cover your gear, raincoat, and food that you can prepare without the campfire. 

Between Spring and Fall, Fall is the better choice to visit Mammoth Lakes because it is considered off-season. That way you have more activities to yourself with fewer visitors. 

Winter Weather at Mammoth Lakes

Winter visitors love December through March because it brings heavy snow. The perfect time to enjoy hitting the slopes or enjoy winter activities. 

Southern California coastal or desert cities can be pretty warm during the winter months. This may feel like a strange situation unless you experience a little snow. 

Mammoth Lakes is a great winter destination for your family and friends to go skiing, sledding, or enjoying a lovely hot spring. Check out the five incredible hot springs worth visiting on your trip to Mammoth Lakes.

Preparing for winter requires heavy jackets and clothing for frigid temperatures. Tent camping is challenging, and our trailers are a more comfortable option. Snow chains for your vehicle’s tires are required unless you have a four- or all-wheel vehicle with snow tires. 

Final Word

No matter the weather at Mammoth Lakes, there are always fun adventures to enjoy. As long as you are prepared for the weather and plan in advance, it will ensure your little vacation is as perfect as it could be. 

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