A family RV camping trip can be one of the most memorable experiences to share with your children and is a fun way of facilitating an appreciation for mother nature and the beautiful landscapes of California. And to help you make your RV adventure go as smoothly as possible for your whole family, we have put together a quick and easy list of tips for RV camping with kids, below:

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    • Kids love to be included, so let them help with preparation: A fun way of getting your kids involved with the RV prep can be to let them help you with packing, and even having them suggest activities to do on the trip and special items they want to bring along. Not only will this help make your job a bit easier, it also gives your kids an appreciation for what goes into planning an RV trip!
    • Let them know rules about the RV ahead of time: Avoid fights between kids and disagreements with your children by letting them know the expectations ahead of time; for example, if electronics will be allowed (think: you might not even have wi-fi access!), how to keep the RV clean and organized, who is sleeping where, how to conserve water throughout the trip, and how to be safe around a campfire and at the campsite in general.
    • Pack kid-friendly foods that are easy to put together: There are a number of kid-friendly camping meals to make while RV camping that not only will make your kids happy but are easy to prepare and make at the campsite as well. Consider camping pancakes made by preparing the batter in plastic bags and snipping the corner off to pour batter, meat and vegetable kabobs, mini pizzas, baked potato boats wrapped in tinfoil and filled with cheese, bacon, etc, and BBQ’d on the grill, and campfire roasted hotdogs of course!
    • Get creative with campsite activities: Be sure to bring plenty of outdoor activities like frisbees, balls, twister, badminton, bikes, water guns, plan a scavenger hunt, and remember to bring inflatable water tubes, lifejackets, and beach balls when camping near water. Don’t forget to have a way of pumping up all your pools toys, with either a generator or portable hand-pump.
    • Try to maintain your regular bedtime routine as best as possible: Even though you are on vacation and things don’t have to go by the book, it tends to make parents and kids happier when (especially with younger children) everyone gets enough quality sleep throughout the trip. Do your best to keep your RV sleeping routine as similar as possible to the regular routine your kids have at home, including having their favorite sleeping toys/blankets/pajamas/etc, bringing a nightlight, and going to bed around the same time as they are used to at home.
    • Dont forget the essentials!: There are a few items that make camping with kids significantly less stressful, including the following: baby wipes, sunscreen, bug repellant, kids-size campsite chairs, child-size reusable water bottle, kid’s games/toys/entertainment items, glow-in-the-dark bracelets, necklaces, etc. when around campfire (makes children more visible at night in addition to being fun!), kid’s hats, sunglasses, long under ware, rain boots, rubber or foam mats to have when the kids want to play on the ground at the campsite without getting too dirty.

Most importantly, remember that RV camping is the perfect adventure for kids of all ages and that with tips like the ones above, you can help create an exciting and safe trip for your whole family to enjoy this year.

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