Start planning early

RV campsites and popular RV parks tend to book up fast in California which is why it’s never too early to begin planning your trip! Whether you have a spot in mind or want to try a new adventure at a RV site you’ve never camped at before, start thinking about where you want to go, for how long, with whom, in what type of RV, with/without pets, etc. The more you know now, the easier the trip will be to plan as you get closer to the date.

Stay organized

Making lists and staying organized are key to planning a stress-free camping season. Even if you aren’t list-oriented by nature or have a hard time remembering what to pack on an RV trip, a simple checklist or itinerary can be a big help when planning the basics of your trip. Staying organized while at the campsite makes the experience much easier and frees up your time so that you can focus on enjoying the adventure!

Research best sites

California has literally hundreds of campsites to choose from and though they each offer their own unique features and amenities, not each RV spot is ideal for each family which is why you should research your desired location ahead of time before committing to a reservation. Find a location which will meet the needs of your family, both at the campsite and in terms of the local activities that will be available.

Check out online resources from fellow RVers

Sometimes the best resource for tips and information on the best RV sites are fellow RV’ers themselves, and there is no shortage of RV communities online to help you find the answers to all your California RV-related questions!

With some a little planning and research you will be on your way to another adventurous season of RV camping!