One of the best things about celebrating Thanksgiving is that there really is no wrong way to do it so long as you surround yourself with the people you love and some delicious food. So this year for Thanksgiving if you’re thinking about taking your family feast on the road with an RV camping trip, then let us help you with the following tips to make the most out of cooking Thanksgiving while camping!

    1. First things first, be sure to check the weather forecast:

While RV camping in the rain is more than doable, no one likes to get wet when cooking especially when that meal happens to be for Thanksgiving. Check the weather ahead of time and bring a pop up tent and tarps if there is even the slightest chance of rain. And while you can obviously cook inside your RV, it’s never a bad idea to bring a portable grill along with you for your Thanksgiving campout.

    1. Do what you can ahead of time with food prep:

The less time you have to cook at the campsite the more time you will have to enjoy your friends/family and the food, so make it a priority to do as much food preparation as you can before leaving; including, pre-measuring out all ingredients in plastic bags/containers and pre-baking or cooking things like pies and other dishes that can simply be reheated on the day of Thanksgiving, etc.

    1. Set realistic goals for what you can accomplish:

There certainly is nothing wrong with going all out on Thanksgiving but when you’re combining it with RV camping, the experience can become stressful if you don’t set realistic expectations for yourself and the meal. Remember that most of the cooking will take longer when camping (longer still without food prep), so consider even skipping the turkey and focusing on favorite side dishes instead, for example.

    1. Just like at home, start cooking early:

But no matter what you decide to cook, just like Thanksgiving dinner at home, you need to start cooking early. Remember that you aren’t in the familiar environment of your kitchen and that you’re likely to spend more time locating things and moving around the campsite than you might initially think. Additionally, you need to keep in mind the sun setting early and thus, the cold weather if you are planning on cooking and eating outside.

    1. Get everyone involved; try not to think of yourself as the host:

While it’s similar to Thanksgiving at your house, having an RV camping-style Thanksgiving is different in the sense that the potluck style is more feasible than the traditional hosting style. When camping with large groups, try to have everyone bring a dish a two for Thanksgiving instead of making one person responsible for everything. Likewise, get everyone involved the day of when it comes to getting everything ready, from chopping firewood to setting the table.

    1. Don’t forget the paper plates with large groups:

Similarly with large groups, it’s also easiest to use paper products for the dinner itself, as this will save you substantial amount of time and water when it comes to washing the dishes.

    1. Get creative with warm cocktails:

Don’t forget the warm apple cider, pumpkin chai, and hot chocolate!

  • Easy desserts are a must:


Last but not least, we can’t forget the dessert on Thanksgiving. The key with having a Thanksgiving dessert at an RV campsite is that you prepare it ahead of time, because the last thing you are going to want to do after cooking and eating your Thanksgiving camping feast is more work. Consider pre-making pies to reheat at the campsite, a no-bake apple crisp, or even a twist on the campfire favorite, the s’more! For example, you can add pumpkin pie filling to a cinnamon graham cracker s’more, or even a sweet potato filling to the traditional s’more ingredients!

So why not find some adventure this Thanksgiving and skip the traditional dining room setting this year? Bring your friends and the feast with you and let Adventure in Camping do the rest this Thanksgiving!