Are you and your family new to the RV camping scene and need some tips on how to go about your very first RV camping experience? Well, stress no more because we have put together a simple list of tips to help you make the most out of your upcoming RV camping adventure!

The top 5 tips for new RV campers include the following:

  1. Plan and pack your gear and luggage wisely: Remember that it’s not always necessary to spend a fortune when shopping for camping gear, so long as you invest in the quality materials that you can depend on. A quality first aid kit however, is something worth spending a little extra for, since a well-stocked emergency kit can help solve a whole host of problems when out in the wilderness.

–Another tip for RV packing is to make a meal plan for each meal you                 intend on making, that way you can take a logical and realistic approach to                   packing the appropriate amount of food and the necessary cooking                       instruments you will need to use while cooking at your RV campsite.

  1. Find a campsite close to home: For your very first family RV camping trip, it makes sense to stay at a campsite that is close to your home for a variety of reasons, first and foremost being that if something were to happen to the RV you will have a quick trip back home. Second, staying close to home means that if you were to forget something or have a child-related issue, the journey back home won’t take hours and hours.
  2. Stay at a trusted campsite with solid reviews: When researching where to stay for your first RV camping experience, take a solid look at the places you are considering and look for the following items: water/electricity hook ups, proximity to family-friendly activities and locations, available staff and shared amenities (i.e, on site bathrooms, fire-pits, picnic tables, washing centers, etc.)
  3. Maintain the space in your RV throughout the trip: While this may seem obvious and therefore not much of a tip, the need to keep your RV space clean throughout your trip is something that many families end up taking for granted. Since an RV is already limited on space, organization is important if you want to be able to move comfortably throughout the RV, as well as find the items you’re looking for the first time you look for them. Make a habit out of putting everything back in it’s place when you are done with it-especially anything and everything food-related!
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