Camping in a trailer is a great upgrade from years of camping in a tent as it elevates your comfort and privacy while allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors.

A trailer has great amenities for cooking, sleeping, and bathing, and offers better protection from outside elements.

Packing is also tedious and stressful especially when you have limited stuff to bring. But with an Adventure in Camping trailer, it is made easier either when you’re headed to the campsite or going back home—allowing you to enjoy camping a little longer.

Plus, going camping in a trailer is fun and relaxing as long as you make sure you have the right size trailer for you and your family.

You can opt to buy a trailer—but it’s going to cost you. With a limited budget, you can go rent a trailer.

Adventure in Camping offers different trailer sizes and various add-on amenities to make your camping adventure a memorable vacation.

With a long list of available trailers, here are some tips for picking out which trailer is apt for your group’s camping needs.

Who is coming on your camping trip
To be able to choose the right trailer size, you need to determine how many are coming in your adventure. Are you a couple, a family, or a group of friends going on a camping trip? It will be easier to choose a big or small trailer when you know the number of people going.

What amenities do you need
Trailers already come with basic camping essentials for sleeping, eating and bathing. However, some trailers offer more than just the essentials, such as an air conditioning unit and TV.

What is your budget
The bigger your group, or the more amenities you want, the higher the price tag is. There are several trailers available at different rates that can fit your budget.

Now that you’ve finalized these details, it’s time to choose which trailer you’re going for. Below are some of the trailers Adventure in Camping offers you.

Small groups:
Standard Model 21RBS
This trailer can fit a couple or family of 3-4 comfortably with a bigger space and more amenities. It is well-equipped with a kitchen (3 burner range top with oven, large refrigerator, microwave, large kitchen sink, counter space), bedroom (queen bed, U-shaped dinette that converts into a bed), bathroom, air-conditioning, and entertainment (TV/DVD, CD Stereo with iPod jack and outdoor speakers).

Mid-sized group:
Standard Model 231
Great with a family with kids, as it features a semi-private bedroom for the parents. The bedroom can be closed off with a curtain and has a private entry. Additional sleeping areas are the couch slide out opening the kitchen and dining area and a dinette that folds into a bed. This also features a lot of storage area with a pantry in the kitchen and a wardrobe next to the couch. It also has air-conditioning and entertainment systems.

Large groups:
Standard Model 262
This trailer will cover the basic camping requirements of a family or group of up to 8. It features a complete kitchen, bath/shower combo, and a lot of sleeping areas—a queen bed, bunk beds, a dinette that folds into a bed, and a gaucho fold out sofa.

Economy Model 29BH
This is a great bunkhouse model with a large slide-out opening up the living room and kitchen area which can comfortably fit up to 9 persons. Apart from the complete kitchen and bathroom, it features a private queen bedroom, triple bunk beds, a dinette and sofa for additional beds, and is equipped with air-conditioning and entertainment system.

Check out our website for more trailers to choose from. Pick a model that best fits your needs, and we’ll have it delivered to one of the campgrounds we service for your convenience.