Nowadays, we are constantly bombarded with excessive stimulation and distraction like cellphones, TVs and anything with a screen that makes us feel overwhelmed and anxious. Fortunately, exposure to nature–from taking frequent walks through a city park to a weeklong RV camping–is enough to lower our stress levels and improve our mood.


If you’re looking for a close-to-nature trip, you can rent an RV or camper from Adventure in Camping. As the leading trailer rental in the High Sierra, we offer more than 15 models of vacation travel trailers to accommodate every type of camper–from those who love glamping and expect comforts and luxuries of home to solo hikers and large family groups. 


Considered one of the best campgrounds in the US, the High Sierra is a major mountain range along the eastern edge of California that borders Nevada. And since it’s smack right in the middle of Central Valley Depression, the Range Province, and Basin, it offers breathing-taking landscapes and unique flora and fauna you wouldn’t find anywhere else. 


Top 5 reasons to go RV camping 


RV camping offers unique benefits you won’t experience when staying at a hotel or in a tent. First and foremost, it gives you more freedom and mobility while providing you with comfort and luxuries you can find in your home. In short, it combines the best of both worlds. 


Here are the other reasons to go RV camping:


  • All-year-round camping is possible. 


Today’s motorhomes usually come with heaters and insulators, making it possible and comfortable to camp almost all year round. For this reason, some campers choose autumn or winter because these seasons offer a different landscape (and experience) that you won’t find during summer. Plus, camping during the off-season means no crowd, no bugs (during winter), and heavily discounted entrance fees in campsites. 


  • You can enjoy glamping. 


While nothing beats having a nature trip to remote areas, sleeping in a bag and skimping on some basic comfort like running water, heater and bathroom doesn’t sound appealing for some people. However, RV camping solves this dilemma, giving you all the comfort and luxuries you can find at home while bringing you closer to nature.


Adventure in Camping has a large fleet of vacation trailers with hookups (power, sewer and water) to make glamping possible. 


  • Your trip is more flexible.


RV camping allows a more spontaneous trip. Do you want to go downtown to try out the local cuisine? Or perhaps make a short trip to the nearby ghost town, abandoned mine, museum, or anywhere that piques your interest? 


If mobility and comfort are on top of your mind, forget about hotel staycation and tent camping and start planning your RV camping with Adventure in Camping. With more than 80 campsites “partners” in the Eastern Sierra, you can choose from different landscapes and the unique activities and amenities they offer. Find out more about our campgrounds here


  • RV camping provides more security. 


RV camping is an excellent choice if you like nature walks but cringe at the thought of sleeping out in the open. It’s basically a home (on wheels) where you can leave your things and lock the door if you need to go outside to do some activities like hiking, fishing and boating. 


  • It’s more affordable than hotel stays.


If you’re traveling with a group of friends, RV travel is generally more affordable than a hotel stay; this is especially true if you’re planning to make your own meal, plan your trip during the off-season, and bring your own sports equipment (e.g., fishing rods and bikes). In fact, with advanced planning, you can save up to 60% in travel costs when you rent a motorhome as opposed to traditional vacationing options. 


Final word 


RV camping combines the benefits of hotel staycation and tent camping: You are closer to nature without the need for you to skimp on comfort and luxuries. Plus, you can enjoy a more spontaneous adventure without breaking the bank. 


If you need an RV rental for your next nature trip, visit Adventure in Camping and fill out our booking form, or call us at (760) 935-4890.