June Lake Loop is often described as a horseshoe-shaped canyon. Found in Mono County, California, this place has been blessed with a gorgeous mountain backdrop and a stunning lake. Because of the undeniable beauty of the June Lake Loop, thousands of tourists visit the area year-round. Whatever the season is, this place does not seem to run out of things to offer, which means that it can be packed with people no matter what month it is.  

From the many activities, one can do in June Lake Loop, surely anyone who visits will find something they will love.  

Do a photo walk during the golden hour.  

One great activity many enjoy at June Lake Loop is to capture its beauty through the camera lens. Whether you are a seasoned photographer, a hobbyist, or a total amateur, you will enjoy taking pictures of the mountains, the lakes, and the forest. Achieve that Instagram-worthy shot by going on a photo walk during the golden hour for those perfectly lighted photos. 

Hike the scenic trails. 

A long, quiet hike is something a lot of people need. Just breathing in the fresh and crisp air will clear one’s mind. There are trails in June Lake Loop that can accommodate even the laziest bunch of tourists. Some of the trails such as the Gull Lake trail takes only 30-60 minutes to do. 

Drive around June Lake Loop. 

Not a fan of walking? Then, maybe this activity is for you. You can simply drive around the area, with windows open and soft music playing in the background. A quick road trip may be the breather you need. The loop is about 16 miles long. You can take your time by checking out hidden alleys, or you can just do a swift drive-by. It’s your choice!

Appreciate nature’s majestic beauty in the four lakes of this place. 

Knowing that there is not one, not two, not even three, but four lakes in this area is something the mind cannot fathom. How can a place be so blessed with such wondrous natural resources, right? To truly discover the wonders of June Lake Loop, tourists must visit the four lakes – Silver, Gull, Grant, and June lakes.  

Go kayaking with a friend.  

The lakes in the June Lake Loop are not merely a pretty sight to see. There are also a lot of activities offered. If you are not the adventurous type and you enjoy more relaxing activities such as fishing, then, by all means, do that. But if you want to try something different, you can also go kayaking with a friend. The water is calm in these lakes, so it is easy to kayak around.  

No matter which activities you decide to go for when you visit June Lake Loop, it is almost certain that you will enjoy and love this place. Stunningly beautiful nature and incredibly fun activities are a combination that can never go wrong.