The Mammoth Lakes Trail System covers 300 miles of mixed-surface trails. Among the trails available, many of which are friendly to beginner hikers, even those with no prior hiking experience. These trails are loved by families who enjoy spending time together in the great outdoors. Some trails accommodate even senior citizens and young kids. Easy trails are those that are located near Canyon, Eagle, and Main lodge. These trails offer scenic views of the alpine lakes or comfortable shades provided by the thick forest.

Check out these trails below to see which one is the most suited for you!

Horseshoe Lake Loop

This 1.7-mile path is a popular choice. With a relatively flat and smooth dirt surface, it is an easy hike for any age. The presence of pine trees ensures the hikers fresh and crisp air. You can even stay here to enjoy a cup of hot cocoa, watch picnickers and witness young ones play around.

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Panorama Dome Trail

If you are looking for a picture perfect moment, you should definitely see Panorama Dome trail. It has breathtaking views of the mountains and the lakes. While only a 0.3-mile hike, the trail is uphill. If you are a beginner and has no experience in uphill hiking, bring a walking stick and a lot of water. You can also take breaks during the hike. But don’t worry! It is very doable, even for beginners.

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Minaret Vista Trail

This trail is made for sunset lovers. It has the perfect view of the sunset over the Minarets. Be sure to bring a flashlight if you are going to do a sunset hike! It is a 1.2-mile trek that is a little uphill, so you have to be prepared. Take long walks or jog before your hike here to make sure you are ready to see this beautiful trail!

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Sotcher Lake Loop

This trail is a family classic. Most families choose this 1.5-mile trail. It is relatively flat, which makes the hike easy even for kids. The trail boasts of snippets of information about the local ecosystem and geography so kids can learn along the way.

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Agnew Wildflower Loop

For an instagrammable hike, you may want to check out Agnew Wildflower Loop. It is a 0.6-mile hike that offers scenic views. Take a picture in the meadows filled with colorful flowers in the spring to get that impeccable Instagram feed! It is also perfect for senior citizens as well since the trail is flat and not challenging.

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Inyo Craters Trail

If what you are looking for is a leisure hike, maybe Inyo Craters Trail is the right choice for you. From its name, you can see the crater filled with sapphire blue mineral water. It is truly a sight to behold! The hike runs for 0.8-mile, with a few uphills and downhills. It is well-maintained and very manageable for beginners.

All of these trails have different charming qualities that make them the best choices for those who are just starting to discover hiking. Surely, any one of those is enough to hook the hiker into loving hiking more!


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