So you decided to finally go on a camping trip however you are stuck in choosing which camping ground to go to because most of them offer the same features and amenities. Right? Well, have you heard of the Agnew Meadows Campgrounds we offer here in Adventure in Camping?


Agnew Meadows offer its services to a rather unique market— the equestrian enthusiasts. The activities in this camping ground can cater to these individuals who have a unique set of hobbies. Whoever said that camping and riding horses cannot go together?



To go to this amazing place, you can take the US 395 to State Highway 203. Then proceed westward going to Mammoth Lake. Upon reaching the town vicinity, make a right turn on the second traffic light heading to Minaret. Then continue upward to the Mammoth Mountain Main Lodge. You will also see the Minaret vista station in this area.



Aside from horse riding, did you know that Agnew Meadows is also a famous hang out spot for bears? Well, now you do. This is why they rent out bear boxes and are very strict with trash or waste disposal. Leftover food, sweets, or anything that smells food can attract the bears to the camping grounds. Better bring your discipline with you when you camp here. It’s exciting, right? Some of the safety facilities they have in the area are the bear-proof locker, which is located at each site at Agnew Meadows Campground.



As we mentioned earlier, all trash must be disposed of in the bear proof trash receptacles. Yes, even the trash areas have been bear-proofed. They also remind guests to not store food, trash or scented items in their vehicle because you just might find your truck wrecked by huge furry creatures. If you think your tenants are safe and can prevent the smell of your candy bar or soda from leaking, well, you are wrong. Bears have a very sensitive sense of smell. If you keep them in your tent, the bear will be able to find it. Do yourself a favor and keep ALL your food items in the bear proof box that the administrators have provided for you. Bears are attracted to some food items as compared to other animals. They particularly like bacon and we know you do too so it’s best advised to just keep them at home.


If you think camping near bushes is a good idea, you might want to think again. Be very careful in choosing where you camp. Stay away as far as possible from berry bushes because bears like berries, berry patches and carcasses. This only means that even bears like to munch on these healthy sweet treats. If you plan to follow all the rules on the grounds then there is no need for you to be worried.



This place provides a unique experience without breaking the bank. It is not only a distinctive destination; it is also an economic place to have your holiday. Campgrounds are rented between $23 and $75 per night, depending on where you chose to camp.



This camping ground is a first come, first served basis. The administrators will not take reservations for standard campsites and guests will have to self-register for site upon arrival. However, for group and equestrian sites, these areas have to be reserved early on to properly schedule those who would like to use the field. Guests who would like to use this area can reserve online at


If you want to know more, contact us at Adventure in Camping and we will be more than willing to give you tips and tricks on how you can experience your stay in Agnew Meadows with fun and excitement without the worry.