These days it seems like more families are losing the tents and hotel reservations for exciting and memorable adventures in RVs instead, and one of the simple reasons why is that RVs provide a fun way for families to bond and reconnect with each other and nature. So if you’re on the fence about whether or not to take an RV adventure with your family this summer, let us help you decide with the following reasons why you won’t regret doing so!:

  • Experience vacationing in a different way:
  • If you and/or your kids have never had the opportunity to go RV camping before, then this summer is the perfect time to see what you have been missing out on! An RV adventure is a unique vacation in that it combines the excitement of being outside with the convenience and comfort of having amenities like a kitchen, bed, warm water, etc, waiting nearby whenever you need.

  • Tailor your adventure to your family:
  • From the style, size, and features of your RV, to the location of the campsite and activities you plan on doing, an RV camping trip really is an adventure that you can create yourself! Do you want to be by the water, near mountains, or near some great horseback riding trails? Anything type of adventure is possible when you’re in an RV this summer!

  • Reconnect with nature:
  • The RV is the perfect vehicle to experience nature in because it gives you the opportunity to go to beautiful places and live up-close to them in an adventurous, yet comfortable way. If you are looking for a new way to spend time with your loved ones, RV camping is the ideal way to reconnect with each other while reconnecting with nature. Moreover, this is perfect way to allow your kids a chance at appreciating nature in ways they haven’t before.

  • Enjoy some delicious and creative cuisine with people you love:
  • RV camping presents the perfect opportunity for cooking up some delicious and traditional meals by the fire, and nothing brings the family together quite like eating comfort food while sitting by the fire! Fall favorites like hot chocolate and smores are all the more enjoyable when eating them underneath the stars, too.

  • Bond and share memories with family:
  • RV camping makes for the perfect natural setting for family bonding, and experiencing nature together is also very beneficial for families. RV camping is also especially fun for young children because its just the right amount of adventure with the safety of some of the comforts from home. Make the experience even more memorable with fun games and activities that your kids will enjoy, such as scavenger hunts, charades, ring toss/horseshoes, obstacles courses, watching the stars, etc.

            The summer is the perfect time for families to experience the beauty of California in an RV, but if you aren’t convinced by the reasons above, the check out some of the reasons why Adventure in Camping makes RV camping even more enjoyable for families every season of the year!