Don’t let the cold weather stop you from enjoying winter camping this season in California! With your cozy vacation travel trailer from Adventure in Camping and the following tips, you’re sure to stay nice and warm on your next outdoor winter adventure:

Know your personal limits

Every individual’s body reacts differently to cold weather based upon their physical characteristics, so don’t assume that you and your spouse and kids are all going to experience the winter cold in the same way. Try to anticipate how you will react to the cold based on how well your body can retain heat.


Familiarize yourself with your gear

While you know your RV is going to protect you from the elements, you may not know how warm your sleeping bags or other gear will keep during the middle of the night. Do a practice run outside one night before you go by actually getting in your sleeping clothes and sleeping bag to see how they hold up in the cold; when in doubt, just bring more layers.


Pack appropriately

It’s always a good rule of thumb to be prepared for winter camping by having more than what you need, especially when it comes to packing layers of warm clothes. Bring several different removable layers of long sleeves, jackets, socks, scarves, and long under ware.


Never go to bed cold

A cold body jumping into a cold bed takes a much longer time to get and stay warm than an already warmed-up does; do some jumping jacks or pushups before getting into bed to work up a little sweat, which will accelerate how fast you warm up your bed.


Take advantage of any insulation

Shake out sleeping bags before going to bed to help disperse the insulation more evenly throughout the bag, this allows the insulation to trap in more of your body’s warmth. When using a down-type of sleeping bag, shake the bag from the bottom towards the top so that the majority of the insulation goes to the top of the sleeping bag where it is most needed.


Snack before bed

Having a meal or a snack right before bed boosts your body heat as you metabolize the food. Try to eat something warm that is high in carbohydrates and fat, as this will give you the maximum amount of body heat.


Add on extra outside layers

Using light layers like an emergency blanket or a thin jacket so as not to compress the layers of insulation in your sleeping bag, drape them over your sleeping bag at night.


Don’t let your sleeping gear get wet!

One of the keys to both maintaining your warmth on a winter camping trip as well as the longevity of your sleeping bag, is to not let them get damp or wet! Avoid breathing directly in your sleeping bag at night and always it out after every night’s use, taking care to compress all the air out before you do.

With these simple tips and a warm and cozy RV trailer that you can depend on during the winter months, Adventure in Camping can help you make the most out of any winter camping trip!