Several studies show that the vast majority of RV travelers would choose their dogs as their companions, which may pose some challenges since not every campsite allows people to bring their pets with them. Fortunately, there is a growing number of pet-friendly campgrounds, especially in California’s High Sierra. 

You can book a travel trailer from Adventure in Camping’s large fleet of RVs equipped with home-like amenities like a kitchen, a flush toilet, beds, awnings, etc.

RVing with your dogs: What you should bring 

Medical records. If your dog gets sick or injured while you’re on vacation, these records may help a vet make a quick diagnosis or recommend treatment fast. 

And if possible, bring your veterinarian’s contact list and prepare a dog first aid kid that should include gauzes, non-stick bandages, adhesive tapes, cotton balls, Hydrogen peroxide, antibiotic spray/ointment, digital thermometer, tweezers, scissors, soft muzzle and towel. Check out the American Kennel Club website for a more complete list. 

Food and water. The food supplies should be based on the number of days you plan to stay on a campsite. For additional convenience, bring a collapsible dog bowl to save space. 

Dog collar with an ID tag. If your furry companion gets lost, having a dog collar with your address and contact details can be a lifesaver. 

Comfort. Bring comforts from your home–i.e., your dog’s favorite toy, blanket, bed and yummy treats. The idea is to give him the space he needs and fill this with things he loves the most. 

Hiking leash. This is a must-have for any pet owner since many campsites, nature parks and public places require all dogs to be on a leash all the time. And if hiking is included in your itinerary, this accessory becomes even more important. 

You may want to invest in a dog leash with an adjustable and comfortable handle that can be converted into a waist belt for hands-free jogging and trail hiking. 

Dog poop bags. You need to pick up after your dog when you’re on campgrounds and nature parks. This is not only considerate but also better for the environment. 

Final words

With proper planning and preparation, RV traveling with your dogs can be an amazing experience. This is especially true if your travel trailer has home-like amenities like a flush toilet, beds, a full kitchen with a sink, etc. 

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