Imagine packing up the whole family and heading out for a weekend of RV camping. It’s a chance to escape, unwind, and soak in the beauty of nature. And if you’re like many families, your dog is part of the crew too. Of course, taking your furry friend along on your road trip requires some extra planning and care.


But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to have a successful and stress-free RV camping trip with your dog.


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RV Camping With Dogs: The Essentials Checklist

The first thing you need to do is to create a comprehensive checklist, which includes the following:

1. Dog Essentials

  • Food and water: Pack enough food and water to last your dog for the entire trip. Remember to bring food and water bowls as well.
  • Leash, collar, and ID tags: Don’t forget to bring a sturdy leash for walks and a secure collar with proper ID tags displaying your contact information. Consider microchipping your dog as an extra precaution.
  • Campsite information: Include your campsite details on your dog’s collar. This can be helpful in case they wander off and need assistance finding their way back.
  • Toys and treats: Keep your furry friend entertained during the trip by packing their favorite toys and some tasty treats.

2. Health and Safety Measures

  • Medications and health documents: Remember to pack your dog’s necessary medications and keep them easily accessible. Additionally, have your dog’s veterinary information readily available in case of any pet emergencies. This should include records of vaccinations, immunizations, and prescribed medications, such as flea, tick, and heartworm prevention.
  • Up-to-date vaccinations: Before hitting the road, ensure that your dog is up to date on all vaccinations. This helps protect their health and the health of other animals they may encounter on your journey.
  • Ventilation and temperature control: Make sure your RV provides proper ventilation and has a reliable temperature control system to keep your dog comfortable throughout the journey.
  • First aid kit: Accidents can happen unexpectedly, so it’s wise to have a well-stocked first aid kit for your dog. Include the following essential supplies:
  • Gauze
  • Vet Wrap
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Non-stick Pads
  • Medical Tape
  • Gloves
  • Benadryl (as directed by your veterinarian)
  • Eye dropper or oral syringe
  • Styptic powder
  • Hydrogen peroxide (for wound cleaning, if advised by your vet)
  • Antibiotic ointment
  • Tweezers (for removing splinters or ticks)
  • Heat and cold packs (for treating injuries or swelling)

3. Essential RV Items

  • RV rental paperwork: Bring all the necessary paperwork for your RV rental, including insurance and registration documents. It’s important to have these readily available during your journey.
  • RV keys and spare tires: Remember to pack your RV keys to ensure easy access and smooth operation. Additionally, check that you have spare tires and the tools needed for changing them, as this can save you from potential tire mishaps during your trip.
  • Safety features: Prioritize safety by ensuring your RV is equipped with essential safety features. Check that smoke detectors are installed and functioning properly. Have a fire extinguisher on board, readily accessible in case of emergencies.

4. Campsite Essentials

  • Campsite details: Before finalizing your destination, research and choose a campsite that explicitly welcomes dogs. Ensure that the campsite’s rules and regulations are pet-friendly and align with your needs.
  • Stake or tie-out: Bring a stake or tie-out for your dog to safely enjoy the outdoors while keeping them within a designated area. This allows your furry friend to explore and enjoy nature while ensuring their safety and preventing them from wandering off.
  • Comfortable dog bed or blanket: Make your dog’s resting area cozy and comfortable by packing a dog bed or a soft blanket. This provides a familiar and comfortable space for them to relax and sleep during your camping trip.
  • Check additional restrictions: It’s important to note that some establishments may have additional restrictions beyond allowing dogs. Before making a reservation or booking, contact the campsite directly to confirm any specific rules regarding dog breeds, weight limits, or other pet-related regulations.

5. Cleaning Supplies

  • Poop bags and scooper: Be a responsible pet owner and bring an ample supply of poop bags to clean up after your dog. A scooper or pooper scooper will make this task easier and more hygienic, ensuring the campsite remains clean for everyone’s enjoyment.
  • Cleaning supplies: Keep your RV clean and odor-free by packing appropriate cleaning supplies. Bring disinfectant wipes or sprays, multipurpose cleaners, and paper towels to tackle spills, messes, or any other cleaning needs that may arise during your trip.
  • Extra towels: Accidents happen, so it’s wise to have extra towels on hand. These can be useful for drying off your dog after outdoor activities or for cleaning up any unexpected spills or messes inside the RV.


Tips for a Smooth RV Journey With Your Dog

Traveling in an RV with your dog can be a wonderful experience, but it’s important to prepare both yourself and your furry companion for the long drive.

To ensure a comfortable journey, consider the following tips:

  1. Plan your route: Research and plan your route, noting pet-friendly rest stops, parks, and attractions along the way. Look for pet-friendly campgrounds or RV parks where you can spend the night. Take into account your dog’s comfort during extended drives and be prepared to address any behavioral issues that may arise.
  2. Take regular breaks: Plan frequent stops every few hours to allow your dog to stretch their legs, go for a walk, and get some exercise. This helps prevent restlessness and keeps them comfortable throughout the journey.
  3. Consider a pet barrier: Use a pet barrier to create a safe and designated area for your dog in the back of the RV. This allows them to relax and enjoy the ride while keeping them secure.
  4. Use dog seatbelts if needed: If your dog doesn’t like to stay inside a crate, invest in a sturdy dog harness seat belt to keep them safe and secure during the drive.
  5. Prepare cleaning supplies: Protect your RV’s seats with additional covers, and have extra floor mats available. Keep a small caddy with cleaning items like grooming wipes or dog towels within reach. Bring a lint roller, a reliable car vacuum, a short hose, and quick-dry towels to address any messes or wetness.
  6. Provide access to drinking water: Ensure your dog stays hydrated by having easily accessible drinking water available during the journey.
  7. Bring treats: Have a stash of treats handy to reward good behavior and capture your dog’s attention in unfamiliar situations.
  8. Keep the RV well-ventilated: Maintain good ventilation within the RV to prevent motion sickness. Avoid feeding your dog right before the trip to minimize the risk of discomfort.
  9. Know nearby veterinary facilities: Familiarize yourself with the locations of veterinarians and animal hospitals along your route. This way, you’ll be prepared in case your furry companion needs medical attention.


How to Make Your RV Dog-Friendly

Your RV will be your home away from home during your trip, so why not make it comfortable for both you and your furry companion? With a few adjustments, you can transform your RV into a dog-friendly space.

Here are some simple tips to consider:

  1. Choose the right RV: Select an RV that offers enough space for your dog to move around comfortably. Consider the size of your dog and opt for an RV with features like slide-outs, which provide extra room and reduce the feeling of being cramped.
  2. Protect your RV flooring: Dogs’ nails can scratch and damage RV flooring. Safeguard your floors by using rugs or mats made of durable materials such as rubber or polypropylene. These materials are easy to clean and can withstand the wear and tear caused by your pet’s paws.
  3. Invest in a dog bed: Make sure your dog has a cozy spot to relax in by investing in a comfortable dog bed that fits well within your RV. Look for a bed that is easy to clean and suits the available space.
  4. Use pet-friendly cleaning products: Accidents can happen when traveling with your dog, so be prepared with cleaning products specifically designed for pet stains and odors. Having these on hand will make it easier to clean up any messes your pet may create.
  5. Bring a portable water bowl: It’s important to keep your dog hydrated throughout your RV trip. Pack a portable water bowl that is easy to clean and can be used on the go, ensuring your furry friend always has access to fresh water.
  6. Pack your dog’s favorite toys: Dogs need playtime and mental stimulation, even while on vacation. Bring along your pet’s favorite toys to keep them entertained and happy during the journey.
  7. Ensure safety: Take measures to remove potential hazards for your dog inside the RV. Secure bins and containers that could fall or tip over, and create a safe space where your canine companion can relax.
  8. Know your surroundings: Familiarize yourself with the local flora and fauna around your campground. Be aware of any plants or wildlife that could pose a risk to your dog, and take precautions accordingly.
  9. Choose pet-friendly campgrounds: Opt for campgrounds that are known to be pet-friendly. Look for facilities that offer electrical hookups to ensure you can run the air conditioning during hot weather and keep your dog comfortable.
  10. Consider monitoring gear: Invest in a pet monitoring camera that allows you to check on your dog remotely and even dispense treats while you’re away from the RV. This can provide peace of mind and keep your furry friend entertained.


Must-Have Dog Accessories for RV Camping Trips

Just like you, your furry companion needs some necessary gear for a comfortable and safe trip.

Here are a few must-have dog accessories for RV camping trips:

  • Portable Dog Crate: Keep your dog secure and provide a cozy resting place while you’re away exploring the local area or hiking.
  1. Retractable Dog Leash: Allow your dog to explore while still keeping them on a leash for their safety. You can easily adjust the leash length to suit your surroundings and your dog’s needs.
  2. Dog Travel Bowls: They are lightweight, compact, and easy to clean, making them the perfect accessory for any adventure. Consider getting a collapsible travel bowl with a carabiner to easily attach it to your backpack or bag.
  • Dog GPS Tracker: A dog GPS tracker can be a lifesaver if your furry friend decides to go exploring without you. It provides real-time information on your dog’s whereabouts, so you can quickly locate them in case they get lost. With a GPS tracker, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your furry friend is safe, even when they’re out of sight.
  1. Dog Life Jacket: When enjoying swimming or boating activities with your dog, a life jacket is an absolute must. It ensures your furry friend stays buoyant in the water and provides the necessary support for swimming with ease.
  • Pup Paw Protectors: Pup paw protectors will protect your dog’s paws from rough terrain, hot pavement, or cold surfaces.
  • Light-Up Dog Collar: A light-up dog collar helps keep your dog visible at night, making it easier for you to keep an eye on them.
  • Dog Carrier Backpack: A dog carrier backpack is perfect for outdoor activities where your furry friend may get tired or need a break. It provides a comfortable and secure way to carry your dog while still allowing them to enjoy nature with you.
  • Doggie Playpen: A playpen is a great accessory to give your furry friend a designated space to play or rest while camping. It’s lightweight, easy to set up, and provides a safe and secure area for your dog to relax in.
  • Travel Dog Shower: A travel shower is portable, easy to use, and helps keep your dog clean and fresh while on the go.


Important note: If you’re renting an RV from Adventure in Camping, please be aware that pets should not be left unattended inside the trailer. This precaution is in place to prevent damage and potential safety hazards. As the renter, you are responsible for any pet-related damages that may occur during your stay.


For more information, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page to familiarize yourself with our guidelines.


RV Camping With Dogs Tips, Checklist, and Must-Haves

RV Camping: Create Lasting Memories for You and Your Dog!

Enjoying the great outdoors with the entire family, furry companions included, can be the highlight of a great holiday weekend and be the source of many precious memories for years to come. To ensure a stress-free and enjoyable experience, it’s important to make some extra plans and preparations for your canine companion.


As responsible pet owners, it’s essential to practice proper pet etiquette throughout your trip. Keep your canine companion on a leash in public areas and allow them some freedom to roam in designated campground spaces while respecting the rules and guidelines of each location.


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Start planning your next unforgettable adventure with your beloved dog today!