Believe it or not, a little rain does not have to signify the beginning of the end of your RV camping trip if you know how to deal with it! In fact, with the following list of 8 tips below you can do more than just cope with the rain during your camping trip: you can enjoy it.

8 Tips on RV Camping Trip During the Rainy Season

  • Do yourself the favor of leaving the pessimistic attitude telling you to call it off at home, and prepare yourself mentally for a fun, safe, and comfortable RV camping experience. If you are prepared for the wet weather and decide to make the most of it, the rain won’t infringe upon your ability to enjoy the camping trip.
  • Don’t forget to bring along plenty of durable tarps! In order to have a chance of moving around outside of your California RV rental while camping during a rainy day, you will need to erect some sort of tarp shelter to protect you from the rain. Simply by tying up a few strategically placed tarps over your campsite, you can allocate some space outside of the RV for you to move around to perform tasks by a BBQ or fire pit, for example.
  • In addition to having a water-resistant backpack to cart around your clothes and gear while out and about, you will want to bring plenty of Ziploc bags to protect and store any clothes and other items needing to stay dry.
  • If you plan on spending a good deal of time doing activities outside of your renting RV while camping in California this winter season, like going hiking or canoeing for example, you must be prepared with the appropriate rain gear. For hiking purposes, investing in a well-made poncho instead of a cheap one will bode well for RV campers during this rainy California winter season.
  • Also in terms of clothing, do your best to avoid wearing cotton once the rain hits, as this material tends to absorb the water leaving you cold and clammy long after the rain has passed. Instead, layer up on clothing made out of wool and polypropylene. Another way to keep warm and comfortable while camping in the rain is by wearing long under ware.
  • This tip is for those who are camping in tents: Invest in the right sleeping bag! The quickest way to make a cranky camper out of a previously comfortable one is by making them suffer through a cold and miserable sleeping experience. Avoid this nuisance by taking the time to find a sleeping bag that can handle the coldest of temperatures in California. Remember that a down sleeping bag can be rendered useless with the absorption of even the slightest amount of water, so it is wise to use a sleeping bag with a different material when camping during the rainy season.
  • Nothing will warm up campers than a cozy campfire but it is important to still practice fire safety even in the rain. Consider using a steel dryer basket, a device that allows you build and contain a campfire, and remember that if you have installed a tarp overhead to keep it at least 8 feet away from the fire.
  • Prepare for downtime by packing some games, this is a fun way to bond inside your RV rental when it is really pouring outside.

While these are just a handful of the tips and strategies that can help make your next RV camping trip during the wet season a successful one, there are several more ideas and suggestions that can increase your comfort in a cheap RV rental this winter.

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