The end of the year doesn’t have to be the end of your outdoor adventure season when you know the basics of RV camping during the fall. While the weather is cooler and certain campgrounds have closed down, RV camping during the fall has its perks: less insects, less traffic, beautiful seasonal colors, and campsites are usually less expensive. But camping at the end of the year does pose unique hazards when it comes to the colder climate, so the key is to come prepared and plan ahead. To help you along the way, below are 8 essential tips for making the most out of your fall RV camping trip this year!

Fall RV Camping Tips for Campers

Plenty of warm layers

The rule of thumb for RV camping during the cooler months of the year is, better safe than sorry! The chances of experiencing some snowfall above 7,000 feet in elevation are pretty good and nothing can ruin a camping trip faster than not having enough warm clothes and blankets to keep you warm at camp. Make sure to bring plenty of thermals, gloves, scarfs, rain gear, durable sleeping bags, and extra shoes and socks.

A sturdy cooler

An absolute necessity for any RV camping trip, you need a spacious and rugged cooler to keep your drinks and snacks cool and safe from the elements.
Camp stove and cast-iron skillet

Nothing sets the mood at camp like a traditional dinner cooked right outside on the stove or right atop the campfire! Be sure to bring a cast iron skillet to fry up any meal, day or night, but remember to only clean it using soap and water, and to dry immediately after washing.

Classic chair or stool

Believe it or not, if you don’t have a place to sit after setting up camp, or a stool to sit on as you roast marshmallows, you will probably end up spending more time in the RV than you expected, so do yourself the favor of bringing along a lightweight and portable chair to rest your feet at camp!

Headlamp or lantern

As the sun sets sooner this time of year, you will want plenty of light outside to help you move about camp. Additionally, you will need some type of emergency lighting if you loose power in the RV.

Emergency kit

Every experienced RV camper knows that anything can happen when you are in the great outdoors so it is wise to bring a well-stocked emergency kit, with items like rope, aspirin, Band-Aids, waterproof matches, flint, knife, compass, tweezers, etc.


While many RV camping locations will have an area to buy firewood, don’t depend on it this time of year. Also do yourself the favor of bringing other fire-starting material in case it proves too difficult to start alone.

Know where you are going

Last but certainly not least on this list–know where you are going! From the forecast to the directions and getting to camp on time to set everything up, you need to prepare yourself for all the possible things that could go wrong, so you can avoid them.