It’s that time of year again, campers! Time to get out that camping gear and start making plans for the 2016 RV camping season to begin!

Whether you are new to the RV camping scene or already a seasoned RV-ing expert, there is always a list of things to go over and review prior to heading out to your destination!

While camping isn’t necessarily all that stressful (nor should it be), if you do not prepare yourself with all of the essential materials, then you could be setting yourself up for failure.

So in an effort to get you fellow campers ready for this RV camping season, here are a handful of ways to help you and your camping crew prepare yourselves for the best experience possible!

  1. Find a spot and make reservations now: Remember that RV camping sites tend to get booked rather quickly once the camping season begins so it’s always a good idea to plan your trip well in advance in order to find the right destination.The Mammoth Lakes region for example, has a variety of campgrounds available; Mammoth Mountain RV is a campground that is particularly popular, and they are open for RV camping year round.Remember to check out the amenities offered by the campground before you get there so you can plan and pack accordingly as well.
  1. Call Adventure in Camping.
    Call us to reserve your RV after you have reserved your spot at Mammoth Lakes. We have a variety of RVs available that will fit the size of your family.
  1. Review some of the basic RV procedures: When RV camping in the Mammoth Lakes region during the snowy season, taking something for granted can end up costing you a little more than you may be willing to bargain for. Therefore, do yourself the favor of reviewing what to do during certain situations ahead of time, that way if an emergency did arise while at your Mammoth Lakes campsite, you would have an idea of how to deal with it.Moreover, by trying to predict ahead of time what could go wrong, you actually end up avoiding mistakes in the future by better mentally preparing yourself.
  1. Take the time to pack right: From researching the weather and climate of your camping destination, to making detailed and organized lists for everything you are bringing so that you have enough of everything–packing for an RV camping trip can seem overwhelming!Believe it or not though, the more meticulous you are about taking a step-by-step approach to gathering everything you will need to bring, the more likely you are to not forget anything!Do not make the mistake of forgetting these basic supplies: first aid kit, flash lights, head lamps, and lanterns with extra batteries, bottled water, bug spray, extra fuel for lanterns, stoves, grills, compass, whistle, and toilet paper.
  1. Plan meals and activities ahead of time: By planning out what food you will be preparing and cooking for each meal, you can pack a realistic amount of food, as well as save time and energy (very important!) during mealtime at the campsite.Also remember that some campgrounds in Mammoth Lakes are closer to stores and other amenities than others, so if you run out of something and need to run into town, it is something to consider.Likewise, by making a plan of what activities to do on what days, you will better maximize the time on your trip.

Whether you are a first time camper or a seasoned veteran, camping season is almost here! Get ready now in to get the most out of it!