Welcome to a new adventure this year 2015!

Adventure in Camping welcomes another year of exciting camping activities as we start fresh this January. Being one of the leading RV rentals here in California, Adventure in Camping knows that the best way to celebrate the New Year is to go out on an outdoor, fun-filled adventure with your family and friends!

According to USA.gov, one of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions made in America is to Manage Stress and to Take a Trip. There’s nothing better than a good old adventure away from the hustle and bustle of the city to help you relax! In California, RV rentals are popular due to a variety of camping sites available in the state. Adventure in Camping has serviced RV rentals in California for the past years, especially in the Sierras and in over 75 campgrounds in Bishop, Mammoth Lakes, Devil’s Postpile area, June Lake, and Lee Vining.

This year, make it part of your bucket list to enjoy camping outdoors with our RV rentals in California, brought to you by Adventure in Camping!

Camping in the outskirts has been a popular vacation trip especially for those who want to get in touch with nature, but don’t have the right budget for the occasion. Now with RV rentals in California offered by Adventure in Camping, California’s spectacular camping spots are easier to camp on with fully-equipped trailers that we park for you! Yes, we park the trailers and give you the peace of mind you need! Planning for a camping trip this New Year is easier as Adventure in Camping is transparent with its rates. All rates include the basic trailer handling charge, which includes delivery, pickup, setup, servicing, and cleaning. Included delivery is limited. Some campgrounds require an additional distance fee. We have RV rentals in California suited for any budget and any season!

Our trailers are loaded with the basic things you need during camping. While all of our trailers have an awning that you can use during midday, our trailers can come with or without air-conditioning units. Some RV rentals come with a microwave, a slide-out, heater, TV and DVD entertainment, with CD stereo and outdoor speakers. Everything you need, in an RV!

This New Year, enjoy the outdoors more and start anew! Reboot yourself by being in touch with nature, through Adventure in Camping’s RV rentals in California. Get away from the high rise buildings of California and stop and take deep breaths of fresh air at the camping site! Spending time outdoors does not only help in managing stress, it helps boost the immune system, too!

Spending time with your family and friends improves socialization and bonds between you and your loved ones. With its fully equipped, fully functional trailers, you will never be in a bad mood during the whole camping trip! Adventure in Camping RV rentals come with a handbook specifying instructions on how to work around the trailer you has chosen. We assure that everything in our trailers is clean and functioning. Adventure in Camping also makes it sure that your stay in our rented RVs is comfortable and hassle-free. Enjoy quality time with your loved ones within the confinement of your home, outdoors.

What couldn’t be more relaxing than a prompt customer service before, during, and after your camping trip? Our service staff is polite, prompt, and sincere when it comes to dealing with customers. Our clients can attest on how professional AIC is in managing your RV rentals. Furthermore, relaxing inside the trailer is assured — clean, well-maintained beds are available in the trailers for you to use. Camping requires a lot of physical activity, so here in Adventure in Camping, we want our customers to get a good night’s sleep so they can be fully recharged for the next day’s activities. Our trailers feature single, double, and queen sized beds comfortable enough to warrant rest for the next day.

Holidays are peak seasons for our camping buds out there, so make sure to reserve your own RV rental in California with Adventure in Camping! Happy New Year!