With the first day of spring almost a month away, everyone is starting to plan how they’re going to welcome back the warm weather. After five months of short days and long hours in the office, it’s high time to start scheduling the long anticipated vacation. So without further adieu and the plethora of vacation options out there, here’s ten reasons why RV camping is the way to go this year!

Kids Who Spend Less Time In Front of a Screen Are Happier –

Don’t believe us? Check out the research done by Jean M. Twenge, professor of psychology at San Diego State University and author of “Generation Me”, “iGen”, and “Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?” Professor Twenge has found that “the correlations between depression and smartphone use are strong enough to suggest that more parents should be telling their kids to put down their phone. As the technology writer Nick Bilton has reported, it’s a policy some Silicon Valley executives follow. Even Steve Jobs limited his kids’ use of the devices he brought into the world.” Along with Professor Twenge’s work, there are hundreds of articles suggesting the same thing published by The Washington Post, CNN, The Atlantic, The International Coach Federation, The Independent, Science Daily, etc. So give your kids a break from the phone/TV/tablet/videogames and give them an opportunity to spend some time outside.

RV Camping is your wallet’s best friend –

Go ahead and look up round trip flights to London, Hawaii, or even anywhere across the country. Now go ahead and think of swallowing that cost for the whole family. And then you can realize that you haven’t even factored in the cost of an Air BnB, food, transportation, entertainment, and the list goes on and on. The fact of the matter is that renting an RV covers your hotel, travel, entertainment, and transportation costs, all rolled up into a super cost efficient package. There are loads of different pricing packages tailored to every situation, but we think it goes without saying that our prices will definitely beat out the $700 a person flights, $500 in the rental car, $300 a night hotels.

Get outside and soak up the Vitamin D –

Bet you didn’t know that the sun’s gift of Vitamin D fights disease, reduces depression, and boosts weight loss. And the great part is that it’s an absolutely free complimentary part of RV camping.

No two camping trips are created equal –

Go have some fun and experience the adventure in autonomy! Your RV will go as far as you take it, and remember that not all who wander are lost.  When did you leave your comfort zone and go somewhere new to try something new? When was the last time you actually wandered?

Don’t compromise comfort –

We get it. Sleeping on a tarp in the middle of nowhere is never going to hold the same appeal as a king size mattress, no matter how much you spend on the sleeping bag or pads. So why don’t you just bring the king size mattress out with you. Glamping + Car = RV Camping