Are you thinking of taking your family camping at Mammoth Lakes for the first time and aren’t exactly sure what to expect?

From what to bring, what to wear, and what to do when you arrive, there are a variety of questions first-time RV campers want and need to have answered prior to heading out to a destination like Mammoth Lakes. Well, fear not future campers because with the right preparation and correct gear, RV camping in the gorgeous Mammoth Lakes region can be an exciting adventure for the whole family!

Moreover, camping for the first time and RV camping in particular is not as overwhelming or expensive as many first-time campers may think. While there are indeed several important things to know and remember when it comes to RV camping in California, camping for first time should not be all that stressful!

First Time RV Camping Tips

So in an effort to simplify some of the basics of preparing for your forthcoming RV camping trip, listed below is an assortment of various camping tips, reminders, and general knowledge to help you and your family start your camping trip off right!

  • Pack wisely: Remember that it is not always necessary to spend a fortune when shopping for camping gear, so long as you invest in the quality materials that you are able to depend on when RV camping.For example, being equipped with the appropriate clothing, outdoor gear, safety equipment, and sleep ware can make all the difference during the snowy season at Mammoth Lakes (a quality rain jacket is necessary!).Don’t forget the little things too like a lantern, headlamp, extra batteries for all battery-powered devices, bug spray, sunscreen, and appropriate foot ware (water shoes, shower shoes, hiking shoes, comfortable shoes, and plenty of socks!)
  • Safety first: A quality first aid kit is also something worth spending a little extra for, since a well-stocked emergency kit can help solve a whole host of problems when out in the wilderness.Speaking of potential problems, first time RV-campers can also better prepare themselves by simply getting acquainted with the necessary protocol concerning emergencies in the RV, should any technical difficulties arise while you are at your destination.
  • Plan your menu and food ahead of time: This is a tip that many first- timers miss and then regret later upon realizing that they took for granted how being in an RV and out at a campsite can change how you typically prepare and eat food (especially if you have a family with young children).Therefore, it is in your best interest to make a meal plan for each meal you intend on making, that way you can take a logical and realistic approach to packing the appropriate amount of food and the necessary cooking instruments you will need to use while cooking at your RV campsite.
  • Take it easy on your very first camping trip: While there are a multitude of fun and interesting actives to do throughout the Mammoth Lakes region, for your first RV camping trip, try and plan a reasonable trip with a realistic amount of activities that won’t overwhelm you or your schedule.Remember, the whole purpose of camping is to relax in nature with your loved ones so if you bite off more than you can chew for your very first trip by overtaxing your schedule, you run the risk of missing out on the true beauty of camping!

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