As the first leaves of fall begin to appear on the ground now is the time to start planning for your next RV camping getaway. And RV camping in California during the fall season has it’s perks too, from less crowded campsites and easier reservation-making opportunities, to cooler weather and fewer bugs, now is the time to begin planning for your next adventure!

But before the good times start rolling you will need to do the work of planning and packing for your trip, and the easiest way to start is with a simple RV camping checklist. We have broken down some of the items you should bring into categories to make it easier to visualize all that you need to bring:

• Location, Location, Location: First things first, you need to pick a location and when RV camping in California, there are a number of wonderful camping locations to choose from, including spots in Mammoth Lakes, Death Valley, and Yosemite National Park. Be sure to find an RV campground that is open during the time to wish to plan your trip, and accepting reservations as well.

Once you have picked a location, it’s time to research the area and campground to make sure you bring all the appropriate clothes and materials for the weather and climate that you will be experiencing.

• Check the weather and pack accordingly: We can’t stress enough how crucial it is to prepare yourself for the weather you might face, so remember to pack plenty of layers, enough bug repellant in whichever form suits you best, sunscreen, plenty of socks, rain boots, etc. Remember that outdoor activities are offered seasonally so plan ahead in that regard as well.

• Plan ahead for meals with weather in mind: Cooking while RV camping takes longer in the cooler weather and cooking over a fire in the rain can be tricky; that’s why you should always plan ahead for these contingencies when you are packing and planning for your trip. Consider bringing food items that are easy to prepare and even some meals that won’t require any hot water to prepare at all.

-Another fall camping tip that doesn’t always make the checklist is to bring foods high in fat content, such as avocados, nuts, peanut butter, eggs, all of which will help replenish your energy amidst all the hiking and other activities that RV camping has to offer.

• Essential items that make campsite life easier and need to be on your checklist:

-Headlamp or lantern: Moving around your RV campsite this time of year you are going to need more light than you might first think. Additionally, you will need some type of emergency lighting if you lose power in the RV, so bring plenty of flashlights and extra batteries.

-Camp stove and cast-iron skillet: Easy to use and great for cooking any meal during the day or night, a cast iron skillet is the perfect addition to any RV camping trip, but remember to only clean it using soap and water and to dry immediately after washing. Don’t forget to check out cast-iron camping recipes for ideas before leaving too.

-Sturdy cooler: A spacious and rugged cooler to keep your drinks and snacks cool and safe from the elements is an absolute necessity when RV camping; consider freezing drinking water in milk-gallons and using those to cool items at the bottom as a space- saving technique for packing your cooler (you can drink the water from the frozen gallons after they thaw).

-Emergency kit: No matter season of the year it is anything can happen when
you are RV camping, so it is crucial to bring a well-stocked emergency kit, with items like rope, aspirin, bandaids, personal water filter, poncho, waterproof matches, flint, knife, compass, tweezers, etc.