Somehow, the month of September has already snuck up on us in the year 2017. The season of hot summer sun and beach vacations has flown by and now it is time for back to school blues and pretty soon you will find yourself pulling out your box of sweaters. The busiest season for camping is already wrapping itself up, but do not let that make you think that your hopes of a family RV camping trip have to wait until next year. Believe it or not, there is still time for you to make beautiful memories and relax during an unforgettable weekend getaway.

Adventure in Camping provides RVs and trailers year round and we have become experts in the perks that each season offers to RV campers. While the summer provides many great luxuries, the autumn season is camping’s well kept secret. The fall offers many great perks that will help you enjoy your trip, but don’t wait too long because the winter is not quite as forgiving.

The Scenery

The great outdoors gets a full makeover in the fall and you do not want to miss it. The trees are changing into magnificent and vibrant colors. This means that around every bend in the trail is another picturesque view to enjoy. You will get a chance to see landmark mountains, lakes, and forests in a way that the majority of visitors never get to see. Fall camping photos are going to be charming reminders of your fun family trip.

The Weather

Fall weather varies from state to state, but in the great state of California, you are going to be enjoying fresh sweater weather temperatures. As opposed to the blazing sun beating down on you in the summer, the fall breeze will make your hikes way more enjoyable. Even in these cooler conditions you will still work up a sweat as you ascend tall mountains and you will be very grateful for lower temperatures.

Cooler night temperatures is usually what scares people away from fall camping, but that is where the wonder of RV camping comes into play. In the trailers provided by Adventure in Camping you can control your night temperature at will and you will be well protected from the winds or temperature drops. You will enjoy the same comforts that you are used to in your own home and will get a good night’s rest to keep you energized for another day of outdoor adventures.

More Affordable

After Labor Day weekend, the majority of campgrounds will drop their rates for RV campsites. This is great news because you and your family can still enjoy a great weekend trip at a more affordable price. You will also save money on bug spray because there are far less insects looking to irritate you during the fall than during the summer. You will definitely want to check with your intended park because every site has their own pricing, but be sure to ask about the possibility of reduced seasonal rates.