Found comfortably nestled among the rugged mountains of the Eastern Sierra, beautiful June Lake Loop offers many year round outdoor activities and a variety of full-service RV parks with convenient lodging accommodations and gorgeous scenic views.

June Lake Loop: home to more than just excellent RV camping

Did you know that every July, June Lake Loop is also home to the, “Toughest Race in the most beautiful place,” the area’s annual Triathlon Race which attracts hundreds of participants and spectators from around the country who come to test themselves physically amongst some of the most beautiful scenery in the state?

But for those of us just looking to enjoy the scenery and great outdoors without all that running, June Lake Loop is also the perfect spot for RV campers! In addition to the fact that there are few areas that can compete with the majestic beauty of the campgrounds located throughout the Eastern Sierras, RV campers also have access to exciting activities like hiking, rock climbing, off-road four-wheeling, and horseback riding; not to mention the robust availability of ways to enjoy relaxing pastimes like fishing, golfing, and bird watching.

June Lake is home to year-round fun!

And now that skiing season is finally upon us, don’t forget that the area of June Lake also has access to June Mountain Ski Area, California’s family friendly ski mountain with a fun atmosphere and uncrowded slopes, so that your family can enjoy outdoor family activities all year long while RV camping in the June Lake area!

So why not plan your next RV camping trip for an adventure in a special location like the Eastern Sierras of California? Because camping really doesn’t get much better when you’re surrounded by a terrain where the desert meets the high mountains and was created by ancient glaciers and volcanic activity, manifesting in the area’s stunning hot springs, volcanic cones, and glacial lakes and valleys! A few of the RV camping locations in the area served by Adventure in Camping, include:

    • Lee Vining:

Popular way to access the glory that is Yosemite, Lee Vining is your portal to some of the best Eastern Sierra camping sites, including Mono Vista RV Park and Lundy Lake Resort.

Ideal for the families looking to enjoy the charm of the Eastern Sierra town campgrounds, including Oh Ridge Campground, Golden Pine RV, Grant Lake Marina, June Lake RV, and Silver Lake Resort.

    • Mammoth Lakes:

A perennial favorite of for all lovers of Eastern Sierra camping, the Mammoth Lakes area is renowned for campgrounds like Red’s Meadow Campground, New Shady Rest Campground, Mammoth Mountain RV, Camp High Sierra.

And when you partner with the RV camping experts at Adventure in Camping, you can get the very most out of your June Lake camping experience by letting us take care of all the hassle of transporting and setting up your RV trailer, so that you can get started on the enjoying the abundance of activities and taking in all the breathtaking sights that the Eastern Sierras have to offer!


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