Planning to go on a camping trip with friends or family? Then you should consider experiencing camping in an RV. And when it comes to RVs for your camping trips, there is no better place to rent one from other than Adventure in Camping – home of the best RVs for the ultimate camping experience!

RV Camping with Adventure in Camping

Renting an RV from Adventure in Camping is such a breeze if you follow the following steps:

Decide on where you will camp.

Adventure in Camping wishes to give its clients total control of their trips so we do not do reservations in behalf of our customers. Also, Adventure in Camping only serves a number of camping sites so you should check out the Adventure in Camping website to see if your campground of choice is covered by our RV rental service.

Camp Site Suggestion: Mammoth Lakes is a great camp site whatever season it may be. Enjoy fishing in the Summer and skiing in the Winter in one of the best  campsites around!

Reserve your camping site.

Once you have decided where you want to camp, have it reserved. Ensure that you get a confirmation on your reservation so you are sure that your trip will push through.

Call Adventure in Camping.

Once you have secured your camping site reservation, call Adventure in Camping. Let us know where you are camping, and what date and time you are scheduled. Please give us specific details so that we will be able to set up your trailer in the right place, on the right day, and on the right time.

Also make sure that you let us know of the amenities that you will need aside from our standard trailers. Adventure in Camping offers  BBQ’s, camping chairs, camping lounge chairs, firewood, linen/towels packages, TV/DVD packages, tables, and kayaks, so that you may have the best camping trip that you’ve ever had!

Go to your campsite as scheduled.

A professional driver will deliver your RV to your campsite on the scheduled date and time.

Your basic RV rental will come with the following:

  • a basic set of dishes
  • eating and cooking utensils
  • a basic set of pots and pans
  • a stovetop coffee pot
  • roll of paper towels
  • toilet paper
  • bath soap
  • dish soap
  • entry mat
  • small outdoor rug
  • 50’ water hose
  • Jug and funnel

If you have our ultimate line of RV’s, you will also have linens and bath towels. So if you availed of our standard package, please bring the following:

  • pillows
  • bath towels
  • sleeping bags or sheets and blanket
  • foil
  • Ziploc bags
  • plastic containers
  • cleaning wipes
  • bug spray,
  • trash bags
  • and a cooler for extra storage

To make your vacation easier, you can request the items that you will need and we will add them to your package. We can make your camping trip a totally relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Enjoy camping

Now that you are in your campsite, and you have Adventure in Camping to serve you, there’s nothing else to do but enjoy your camping trip. Always remember, camping is so much fun with an RV from Adventure in Camping!