Running is one of the most popular cardio exercises today. Because of its nature and low equipment requirement, a lot of people are starting their health journey with running until it becomes a habit and eventually a sport. 

For beginners, a flat and friction friendly surface is the ideal running stage. It does not strain the knees and the heels of the feet which makes running more comfortable and more enjoyable. It is also easier for the lungs because it doesn’t need to exert any extra effort because the oxygen level is stable. 

As the exercise evolves into a habit, runners start to look for longer running trails and more challenging roads. Some of them would opt to put cones or train in areas where there are obstacles to overcome.  

But for those who are preparing for a marathon or an ironman challenge, running at Mammoth Lakes can be the best training spot for you.  

Mammoth Rock Trail provides all the challenges that an individual needs for a competition, whether it is endurance, stamina, or will power, this trail will bring out the best in you. 

Starting at Basin Loop may be the best way to kick start your running. With relatively flat but high altitude terrain, this will test your lungs while going easy on your feet. But this trail rewards runners with a view of a majestic waterfall and tall mountain peaks.  

If you want a longer run, you can try the Mammoth Town Loop. A seven-mile stretch of paved road that is stretched around the town. Don’t be fooled when we say paved, because paved does not mean it does not have hills. While this trail will go easy on your lungs, it will be challenging on your knees because of the “hills” that you need to pass thru.  

If these are not long enough and fails to raise your need for adrenaline, then you can take the Thousand Island Lake. For a full 16-mile run, we suggest you take off at the High Trail in Agnew Meadows and proceed to the River Trail and make a loop. With more than 2,400 elevation, challenging terrain, and long distance, your feet, knees, and lungs will all be worked out by the time you finish the trail.  

While running is both healthy and enjoyable, it is also tiring. That is why, some runners who train at Mammoth Lakes also takes this opportunity to rent an RV and stay for the night or until their training is done, hitting two birds with one stone. 

An RV can be handy after a good day of training so your body can recover and your muscles can relax. It is essential for runners to make sure that they do not strain themselves after training because injuries happen after practice when runners push themselves beyond their bodies limits. Why take the risk? When you can enjoy a good rest and wake up to a refreshing morning with a good view and serene atmosphere.  

Adventure in Camping has various RVs that runners can rent for a night or two, so they do not have to worry about driving their own. Send us an email or call us with any questions! We would be happy to assist you as you prepare for your RV camping trip!