Many camping enthusiasts await the heat of the summer to break out their tents and sleeping bags. While the summer of course has its benefits, (vacation time from work or school, sunny days, etc.) we have found that a slightly less popular season offers great camping conditions that just might make for an even better experience. 

Less Crowded

In the springtime, campsites are less populated than in the busy summer months. The more peaceful atmosphere allows you to feel more connected to nature and relaxed. Some campsites feel so busy in the summer that your vacation getaway turns into a noisy, claustrophobic weekend. This is not to say that you will be completely alone in the spring; you will likely have enough company that you feel safe and can be social if you want, but you also have the option to have a secluded, more intimate camping experience.

Less Insects

Arguably, the most attractive quality about the spring is the lack of pesky insects. Mosquitos and other irritating bugs make their prominent debut in the summertime, so you will be bringing home itchy bites for souvenirs from your trip. These insects do sometimes have a small presence in the spring, so we would not suggest completely forgetting about the bug spray, but this definitely will not be as great of a concern for you. 

Perfect Weather

Of course, it always depends on your location and weather forecast, but as a general rule, the spring has beautiful camping weather. It is not too hot, not too cold. Any temperatures in the summer or the winter make for uncomfortable camping experiences, even with the best gear. In the spring you can appreciate the warmth from your campfire, but you will not wake up sticky and hot, nor completely frozen. 

More Affordable

Certain campsites will charge higher fees in the summer than in the spring. You will definitely want to do research beforehand to be aware of any changing rates. Some state and national parks have different entrance fees in addition to campsite fees, so make sure you check with requirements at your intended destination. If you go in the spring you will hopefully get to enjoy a fun, adventurous weekend at a cheaper cost.

Fresh Air

If you have severe allergies, the spring might not be the best season for your camping trip. With winter coming to a close, all the new flowers are in full bloom. For some of us, this is a great benefit because it makes for beautiful photos. However, for others it might mean a weekend of sneezing and itching eyes. Regardless, there is something about fresh springtime air that is so wonderful. 

Fewer Health Risks
Lastly, camping in the spring will help reduce health risks associated with summertime camping. In the spring you are much less likely to experience sunburn, heat exhaustion, dehydration and other risks. Still be aware and take proper precautions by bringing sunscreen, plenty of water, or wearing a hat. However, in the spring these risks are going to much less severe.