The cool autumn weather has finally arrived, and nothing makes for a more enjoyable start to this season than a fall time, RV camping trip in California!

California is uniquely suited for RV camping; with all of it’s memorable and beautiful destinations like Mammoth Lakes, the ideal temperatures and climate, and number of campsites and activities to choose from, the fall really is the perfect time to go camping in California.

Let’s take a look at 8 of the reasons why you should plan on going RV camping this fall:

  1. The beauty of the scenery in California is unmatched this time of year

Places like Mammoth Lakes in California are renowned for their fall time beauty, where the colors of the foliage and the number of scenic hiking trails make for a charming and refreshing RV camping trip. Traveling during the fall is also enjoyable because everywhere you go in California you are bound to see some exceptional changing of colors in the trees.

  1. The Weather is Ideal.

Now that the immense heat of the summer season has passed and we still have several more weeks left before the weather begins to get really cold, camping is the perfect outdoor activity to experience because being outside is much more enjoyable without the intense heat or the intense cold.

  1. Affordability of campsites this time of year.

Since school is now back in session and families don’t have as much time for camping and the popular part of the season is over, the number of available campsites has shot up and they pricing options are much more affordable across the board as well.

  1. Far fewer bugs when camping during the fall the colder weather

There are fewer bugs hanging around looking to bite and annoy us while we are camping, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bring your insect repellant and long sleeves just in case!

  1. Enjoy some comfort food by the fire.

RV camping presents the perfect opportunity for cooking up some delicious and traditional meals by the fire, and nothing brings the family together quite like eating comfort food while sitting by the fire! Fall favorites like hot chocolate and smores are all the more enjoyable when eating them underneath the stars, too.

  1. Sleeping under the cool starry night.

Speaking of the stars, the clear and crisp fall evenings in California are perfect to enjoy from the comfort of your RV, and there’s just something about getting into your warm sleeping bag after an evening of dinner and dessert by the fire, underneath the stars.

  1. Activities to do in the fall are just as fun as those available during the summer.

While certain things are unavailable to do this time of year, there are a number of fun and adventurous outdoor activities to do when RV camping during the fall; hiking, biking, fishing, are some of the exciting things you can enjoy while camping in California during the fall season.

  1. Less people out camping

More space and more privacy around the campsites

While we all enjoy company on our RV camping trips from fellow RV-lovers, sometimes it’s nice to have the whole campground to ourselves for a long weekend! And now that the height of the camping season is over, the chances are pretty good that you will have much more privacy this time of year at your RV camping site!