The summer season may have already faded away but that doesn’t mean that the fun has gone away with it. You can also spend quality time on short adventures like having a camp-out weekend. Here are some tips from us so you can prepare well for a perfect camping trip this Fall:

Tip # 1: Plan your destination and how you can get there

Your destination plays a big part on how much fun you’ll have on your weekend camping. Of course, since you don’t have much time to spare, you should choose the ones that are relatively near you.

When choosing a destination, consider the following:

  1. What are the activities that you can do? Are there opportunities for you to do like sightseeing, fishing, hiking, biking, or playing with pets?
  1. How would you lie to camp? Would you go camp out in a tent, a trailer, or out in the open on sleeping bags?
  1. What are the rules of the camp site? Are they matched with the things you would like to do?

Tip # 2: Bring the right camping gear, tools, and equipment

Being closer to nature is fun but you would still need to bring the right stuff to make your camping comfortable. You are camping out for leisure so ensure that you have all the things you need to enjoy your camping trip.

When you go camping, make sure that you bring:

  1. Rain-proof tent and tarpaulin

If you would opt to camp out in a tent, make sure that it is rain-proof and that you have a tarp that you can lay your tent into at your disposal as rain is possible.

  1. Sleeping pad and sleeping bag

Camping out in fall is cooler – literally! So bring a sleeping bag and pads to keep you warm at night.

  1. Food and Mess kit

Bring simple meals as well as potable water. Ensure that you keep them in storages that prevent attracting animals.

Your mess kit should include metal plates or bowls and some silverware that will be easy to clean.

  1. First aid kit

You are never too safe so keep a first aid kit handy. Some things that you should consider are wounds and allergies. You won’t be traveling too far but you should still be ready when accidents happen.

  1. Lighting

Flashlights and lamps are essential in camping out. If your campsite allows campfires, bring campfire starters as well.

Tip # 3: Have fun!

You are all set with your fall camping trip. All you have to do now is have fun and enjoy it. You won’t have as much time as you might have during the summer, but this is leisure in its own right. Make the best out of it!

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